Martyrdom of Agnivir Sainik and availability of war facilities

Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip to root out terrorists have become a topic of global discussion.
Martyrdom of Agnivir Sainik and availability of war facilities

Jayesh Rane


Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip to root out terrorists have become a topic of global discussion. Everyone is watching how the Gaza Strip is being burnt by Israeli airstrikes. Israeli Air Force jets are targeting Hamas locations to eliminate Hamas permanently. Their plan seems to be to defeat Hamas through continuous airstrikes. Israel has launched a massive campaign to eliminate Hamas. The environment in Israel and Palestine is naturally normal. That is, there is no picture where it is snowing; there is fog in the atmosphere. The basic reason behind saying all the above is that ‘India should learn war strategy from Israel’, especially from the Indian Air Force. Akshay Gawte (age 22), son of Buldhana district of Maharashtra, who served as an agnivir in the Indian Army, passed away due to heart failure. Siachen is the highest mountain range in the world.

The Indian Army is stationed here at a height of 23,000 feet. The temperature there drops to minus 55 degrees. One has to depend on the air route for food supplies.

A 22-year-old youth was martyred while performing his duty. This incident is very distressing. Mainly, Akshay Gawte was the first Agnivir fighter who martyred while working on the border in a harsh climate region like Siachen. What innovative methods can be adopted to monitor the enemy? This should be seriously considered. There is young blood, and the posting of new recruits here is an established part of the Army’s modus operandi. So, it seems that this should be changed.

The climate in the snow-covered region is constantly changing, with gusty winds and sometimes snowfall. Patrolling on foot in such a blood-freezing minus-degree temperature is a tough challenge. Soldiers have been adopting it for years and protecting the border areas from enemy infiltration. This is why 142 crore people in India can do their daily business, job, education, and tourism comfortably. There is a lot of sacrifice by soldiers behind it that is impossible to express in words.

Many young boys and girls are moving in that direction with the selfless goal of joining the army and serving the nation. This is where the tough journey for the soldiers begins. Written exams and medical tests are conducted to join government jobs. But there is no point of physical labour anywhere in it. Exams are organised according to the requirements of the job. However, passing the military exam and serving is not the job of a child. For that, only soldiers can have the fortitude and mentality to keep going in the face of difficult situations.

The climate at Siachen is undulating. So, you have to act accordingly. The Indian Army has lost many officers and soldiers in avalanches in the region. But since it is mandatory to keep an eye on the enemy, India is deploying troops in these tough areas. However, how can the air force keep an eye on this region? Also, how can the Indian satellites in space help? It should have been studied by the Indian Army. However, there are limits to foot patrol. It is difficult to take a single step in icy areas. If the Air Force has a limit, how appropriate can it be to patrol with the help of drones? This should also be considered. In the Russia-Ukraine war, Ukraine has claimed that we have attacked some parts of Russia with the help of drones. In the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Azerbaijan has defeated Armenia by attacking with drones. There is no doubt that drones will continue to grow in importance. Being an unmanned device, there is no loss of manpower, and drones perform the illustrious task of attacking and destroying enemy locations.

Soldiers are a valuable asset to any country. Losing them, wartime or not, is devastating. Another soldier is again appointed in that place. However, how can the technology be used? When soldiers are patrolling, guidelines need to be looked at. Bad environments can have negative effects on the body and lead to the loss of life. There should be a solution to this by giving priority to the formula of saving the lives of soldiers. Even though soldiers are assigned to minus-degree temperatures through training, considering that soldiers are human beings too, everyone’s physical capabilities are different. How can we forget this? Can the number of drones and their patrolling rounds be increased? It can also be seen. Humans have limitations in actually reaching difficult places. But that is not the case with drones. A drone can reach anywhere in a short time.

Schools and colleges in the states whose soldiers and officers become martyrs should pay homage to them. Along with this, their complete information should be given to the students. This is necessary because only the people of that village and those who read newspapers and watch the news are aware of it. Others are busy with their daily lives. Ganeshotsav and Navratri also have mandals. They can also involve citizens by organizing tribute programmes in their areas. National love should not be limited only to January 26 and August 15. The government would issue orders, and then we would organise programmes for martyred soldiers. So, one should organise a tribute programme by taking the initiative. Love for the country needs to grow. The martyrs who have sacrificed their all should be duly recorded.

Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh expressed the view that ‘India should learn from the changing global geopolitical situation. New challenges are emerging from the global security situation. We must always be ready to face them.’ The Defence Minister asked the top officers of the Indian Air Force to emphasise the need to enhance preparedness. In his statement, the Defence Minister said, ‘All the three armed services should work together to tackle the security challenges.’ Rajnath Singh made these comments while addressing the inaugural session of the two-day Air Force Commanders’ Conference in New Delhi on Thursday (October 26).

Rajnath Singh said there is a need to analyse and learn from new trends in air warfare to strengthen the country’s defence preparedness. He asked the air force commanders to strengthen the air defence system and focus on the use of drones.

Necessary action should be taken immediately on the orders of the Defence Minister, because the situation does not stop for anyone. So, we have to change accordingly. To strengthen the hands of the soldiers guarding the borders of the country, they should be given the necessary war facilities.

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