Srimanta Sankardeva is truly a full human being

Although some western philosophers and scientists have called belief in God unscientific, recent scientific research has shown that belief in God is a blessing to human life.
Srimanta Sankardeva is truly a full human being

Social reformer Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankardeva was indeed a health scientist. He was conscious of public health. In particular, the food quality of the offerings of the Namghar is quite healthy. Also includes natural fruit. It contains all the beneficial ingredients for the body. In addition, yoga is associated with several postures of Sankari dance. At that time, Srimanta Sankaradeva was convinced that there is no substitute for form and a well-built body in dance performance. Although some western philosophers and scientists have called belief in God unscientific, recent scientific research has shown that belief in God is a blessing to human life. This is because it relieves anxiety and relieves stress. It also calms the brain and frees it from mental illness. According to some famous Psychologists, it is impossible to make life happy without God. To fill life with peace and prosperity, we must worship God. So we can say that the common elements of all religions are science-based. Similarly, the essence and methods of Srimanta Sankardeva Eksharana Harinam's religion are also based on science. Naam-pricing and various prayers are not only musical forms of devotion to Hari but also a means of healing the body and mind. Every kind of song and prayer, including Borgeet, can be called meditation. Modern science has shown that the influence of the mind on the body is immense. Meditation affects the mind as well as the body. In other words, through meditation, we can maintain the balance between body and mind.

Therefore, the practice of meditation is very effective for healing diseases and longevity. Meditation even triggers the release of a hormone called Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which helps to maintain youthfulness. In this regard, Shankari songs and naam-prasanga are also very beneficial for the protection of the body. After studying the above scientific facts, it can be concluded that people of the modern mindset of all times will find relevance and modernity in this religion created by Sankaradeva like the Ekasarana Harinam religion. But such creation is not possible unless the Creator is completely perfect or fully human. Therefore, it should also be proved by modern analysis that Sankaradeva was a full human being. There is no lack of thought and discussion in this regard.

Indeed, Sankaradeva is a full human being. Srimanta Sankardeva is truly a full human being. Almost all the Gurucharitras describe the glory of Sankaradeva as God or an incarnation in the form of God. Many devotees do not find peace without calling Sankaradeva a Mahapurusha. Sankaradeva is an incarnation of God, a great man. He is the father of the Assamese nation, Sankardeva, who shines with conviction in our eyes. God is a symbol of perfection, a being. That is why he is God, the Saviour of living beings. Attainment of God is the supreme desire of the devotees. We are all satisfied to say that Srimanta Sankardeva is an incarnate man. Because he was a perfect man in every way. His personality was influential in the spread of Neo-Vaishnavism and in uniting the whole of Northeast India according to caste and race. Strong evidence of being a full human being can be found in the development of Sankaradeva's mental strength. His physical beauty was that of the timeless incarnate man. He looks beautiful even without clothes on his body. He practised yoga and exercise to maintain the balance of body and mind. This can be seen from the structure of his beautiful body. He showed signs of practising pranayama incomparably. So his face was as bright as the moon. There was much more to write about Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankardeva but it is not possible to write it in a single article. His fame is immense, and may all his fame remain in the life of the Assamese society forever.

That is what we wish, with great respect.

Heramba Nath,

Hindumaizali, Kamrup.

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