The rise of Assam’s new commando battalion in the pursuit of excellence

For centuries, the brave soldiers of Assam have stood as guardians, defending their state with unwavering courage and dedication
The rise of Assam’s new commando battalion in the pursuit of excellence

 Madhurjya Saikia


 For centuries, the brave soldiers of Assam have stood as guardians, defending their state with unwavering courage and dedication. Rooted in a rich history of valour, these warriors have protected Assam’s borders against various challenges. Historically, Assam has faced invasions from different quarters, and its soldiers have consistently risen to the occasion. From the mediaeval Ahom warriors to the modern-day defence forces, Assam’s soldiers have showcased resilience and bravery. They have defended the state from external threats and played crucial roles in maintaining internal peace. Be it facing foreign invasions or safeguarding against insurgencies, Assam’s soldiers have exemplified a deep sense of duty and patriotism. Their stories are woven into the fabric of Assam’s history, representing the indomitable spirit that defines the region. These brave soldiers continue to be a source of inspiration, embodying the proud legacy of Assam’s defenders throughout the ages.

Assam Police Commandos, the epitome of bravery, stand as the fearless guardians of peace in the state. These courageous individuals undergo rigorous training to become elite forces, ready to face any challenge. From countering insurgency to tackling criminal activities, Assam Police Commandos exemplify an unwavering commitment to protect the people. Their journey involves intense physical and mental preparation, equipping them with the skills needed to navigate difficult situations. These brave men and women play a pivotal role in maintaining law and order and ensuring the safety of citizens in Assam. Amidst the diverse landscapes and unique challenges of the state, Assam Police Commandos remain steadfast, ready to respond to any crisis. Their dedication, discipline, and valour make them not only defenders of the law but also symbols of resilience and strength in the face of adversity. The brave Assam Police Commandos truly embody the spirit of service and protection.

The Assam Police Commando Battalion plays a crucial role in maintaining peace and security in the state of Assam. Comprising highly trained and skilled personnel, these commandos are at the forefront of efforts to counter various challenges and ensure the well-being of the people. One primary role of the Assam Police Commando Battalion is to combat insurgency and terrorism. Operating in challenging environments, they work tirelessly to neutralize threats and protect citizens from harm. Additionally, these commandos contribute significantly to maintaining law and order and responding swiftly to criminal activities and emergencies. Their expertise extends to handling situations like hostage rescues, counter-insurgency operations, and tackling organized crime. The presence of the Assam Police Commandos acts as a deterrent, promoting a sense of security within the community. Their commitment to duty, coupled with specialized training, allows them to navigate diverse terrains and address a range of security challenges effectively. In times of natural disasters or emergencies, the Assam Police Commando Battalion also plays a vital role in providing relief and support. Through their dedication, bravery, and strategic capabilities, these commandos contribute immensely to the overall peace and stability of Assam, ensuring a safer environment for all residents.

Recently, taking another giant step towards transforming Assam Police into one of the most responsive, quick-reaction, smart police forces in the country capable of dealing with all sorts of contingencies, the Government of Assam organized the passing-out parade of 2,551 commandos of the five newly formed commando battalions. The commandos, who did a dress rehearsal on Friday at the Sarusajai stadium, will show their martial arts, hostage rescue, and fighting skills with advanced arms, slithering from choppers, and fight against insurgents during the passing out parade. The Assam New Commando Battalion stands at the forefront of building a better Assam through its multifaceted roles. Committed to maintaining peace and security, these elite forces actively counter insurgency, combat crime, and respond to emergencies. Their specialised training equips them to navigate diverse challenges, ensuring a safer environment for people. Beyond security concerns, the battalion plays a pivotal role in disaster response and relief efforts, showcasing their versatility and dedication to community welfare. The Assam New Commando Battalion serves as a symbol of resilience, inspiring confidence and trust within the region. Through their unwavering commitment, these commandos contribute significantly to fostering a climate of safety, instilling pride in the local community, and paving the way for a more prosperous and secure Assam.

The Assam Police plays a vital role in establishing peace and stability in the North East region, contributing significantly to regional harmony. Tasked with maintaining law and order, the police work diligently to prevent and address various challenges in the diverse and complex landscape of the North East. Their efforts extend to countering insurgency, tackling organised crime, and addressing inter-community conflicts. The Assam Police fosters coordination with other state police forces and security agencies to create a cohesive approach to regional security. The Assam Police plays a pivotal role in the welfare of Assam by ensuring public safety, maintaining law and order, and combating crime. They actively contribute to community welfare through various initiatives, such as community policing programmes and outreach efforts. Assam Police also play a vital role in disaster response, providing assistance during natural calamities. Their commitment to public service, crime prevention, and community engagement makes them integral to the overall well-being and prosperity of the people in Assam. Additionally, they actively engage in community policing initiatives to build trust and collaboration with the local population. Through their presence and proactive measures, the Assam Police contribute to the overall stability of the North East region. Their commitment to ensuring a secure environment, coupled with strategic planning and community engagement, plays a crucial role in fostering lasting peace and harmony in this dynamic part of India.

In conclusion, the Assam Police Commando Battalion stands as a beacon of strength and dedication, playing a pivotal role in safeguarding the region. Their importance lies in their unwavering commitment to maintaining peace, countering threats, and responding to emergencies. These elite forces embody resilience, ensuring the safety of communities through specialised training and strategic operations. The Assam Police Commando Battalion’s versatility, from tackling insurgency to aiding in disaster relief, underscores their significance in fostering security and stability. In every challenge they face, these commandos exemplify bravery, making them indispensable guardians of Assam’s well-being and a symbol of collective safety for its residents.

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