Transforming Assam and its glory!

The objective of this government is to bring a change among the 3.3 crore people of Assam and the change was primarily focused to eliminate mismanagement and corruption to the core.
Transforming Assam and its glory!

Hrishikesh Sarma

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The objective of this government is to bring a change among the 3.3 crore people of Assam and the change was primarily focused to eliminate mismanagement and corruption to the core. Other than these two changes, we, the people of Assam came through a lot of diversifications – cultural and political – though it started to enrich in every section significantly. During the tenure, the government has taken various steps to uplift our ethnic cultures, preserve our history, conserve and develop our society and has tried its level best to bring it at its global standards. The Assamese language is made compulsory in all educational institutes except in Barak Valley, BTAD and hillside districts. Besides, Axam Xahitya Xabha, Bodo Sahitya Sabha and 20 other literary societies have uplifted Assam and in order to do so the government has played a decisive role. Along with it, the right protection for Ahom, Maran, Matak, Chutiya, Koch Rajbongshi and Tea Tribes have been well preserved and sustained.

The BJP government came to power with maximum votes with a hope of the people of Assam, 'Achhe Din Aane Wale Hai'. The vision of the government and the expectation of the people of Assam are to curb corruption. Although it has not been eradicated completely, the government is quite successful in doing so, for instance the demonetisation that took place on 8th November, 2016. During the period of 2016-2019, many students got permanent jobs and in 2020-2021, a handful of new job vacancies for fresh candidates were made available.

With the current government, the poaching of one-horned Rhinoceros has substantially reduced which has always been an on-going complication in the entire State. Stringent steps are being initiated for forest protection and animal rights. If anyone found guilty, fast-track courts were set up where actions were taken immediately in most of the cases. Moreover, 10 crore saplings have been planted in various forest areas. It not only provides scenic beauty but also helps in maintaining the ecological balance. During the flood, 33 highlands have been safely marked providing protection and shelter to animals when the water level increases. One of the important steps taken by the government during the tenure of governance is to ensure land rights to various people who were deprived of land for the last 7 decades. According to the new land policy, some people have been given land pattas and letters of approval. Another remarkable steps by adding a new district in Assam "Bajali".

India is primarily based on agriculture and this government has played an integral role in elevating the agricultural sector. In 2018-19, 89.29 lakh metric tonnes of rice grains and other cereals have been produced and thereby the government is also successful to export it to different other countries.

The business sector in the State has also seen a boost, encouraging the youth of Assam to be 'Atmanirbhar' through various start-ups and skill development. Moreover, training programmes, and workshops are also arranged by the government. This government has given schemes like Re-Sawayam for youth of Assam.

To harness our culture, the government has encouraged various artistes to come forward and in this process, a token amount of Rs 50,000 to certain artistes has been initiated. The 65th Filmfare awards took place in Guwahati, Assam for the first time in India outside Mumbai, which itself implies how far our State has come up with. This not only helped Assam to spread its richness of culture at an international level but also helped the outside people to know more about our state and eventually elevating our tourism and helping our artistes and various associated workers to showcase their talents. With the development of new sports complexes, it has been observed that many girls and boys have come forward to opt for sports as their career. This is indeed helping our state to create more athletes and players for various competitions at national and international levels.

Assam is one of the major producers of tea in India and the government has taken various initiatives to increase tea production and to uplift tea workers. This government has given special importance to boost industrial sector, and in the term of five years the state has got major boost in industries.

In the year 2016-17 to 2020, about 14,006 km road km road has been built. Also, the government has announced 15 new national highways. The Dhola-Sadiya Bridge, Bogibeel Bridge and Saraighat Bridge are some of the important and big projects completed by the government. For the last four years, the Central Government of India has provided a relief fund of rupees 46,000 crore for hydrocarbon elimination. By the annexment of Pradhanmantri Awas Yogana Act, 2.7 lakh homes have been constructed. And in various rural areas, installations of toilets are being provided where there was no access prior to it. Certain programmes such as Shobhagya ensure 100% electricity in rural and urban areas which the government has been working upon. The supply of cooking gas has been increased from 41% to 91% in the year 2014-2015. Orunodoi, Arundhoti are special schemes for empowering women.

A lot of emphasis have been taken towards education by the government. 61.68 lakhs of students from the classes of 1 to 10 are provided with free books worth Rs. 3.31 crore. Also, Rs 287 crore has been used for the uplift of various financially backward students from the year 2016-17 to 2019-20. The government has also initiated the opening of AIIMS in Changsari, Guwahati 8 new medical colleges, 2 engineering colleges and 16 polytechnic institutes in the state. Proper steps have been taken to educate the people below poverty line by helping them to open around 1.35 crore bank accounts. Special attention and privileges are given to senior citizens, widows and specially-abled individuals. This government has launched different schemes for all sectors of people like Lekhok Sambardhana. This government has always given special importance to youth and for its development.

In the recent times, the entire world is dealing with the Covid-19 disease. This pandemic has created a lot of wear and tear. The virus spread at an alarming rate across various parts of the world and owing to it, the government took stringent steps to reduce Coronavirus and its impact. The first lockdown took place from 24th of March, 2020 and it impacted the local businesses, people from all backgrounds and schools, colleges and various institutions. However, the government took proper steps to reduce the negative impact of this lockdown as much as possible. Chief reasons to reduce the spreading of the virus are providing total lockdown at different time intervals when required, never ending efforts of the doctors, nurses and the medical team workers of the hospitals, opening testing centres at nearby places in a locality, setting up quarantine centres, providing various safety measures such as free mask, gloves, PPE kits and certain medicines and vitamins that helps boosting immunity.

Coming into power after a long time and fulfilling commitments in tenure of 5 years is not an easy task at all. But this government with lots of ups and downs have delivered a stupendous amount of promises that they pledged to fulfil. With such right governance, the future of Assam seems golden.

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