Aquaman Has Vital Message About Earth’s Health: Jason Momoa

Aquaman Has Vital Message About Earth’s Health: Jason Momoa

Actor Jason Momoa says his forthcoming film “Aquaman” includes an important environmental message. In the film, Momoa essays Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, with character duality.

Talking about the duality and the vital message, the actor said in a statement: “He has got a lot of bravadoes, but he does have compassion and even fears. He is a good man, but what makes him truly great is that only he can unite these two different societies because he is also Atlantean, and the chosen one.

“Yet what makes him human, even humble under all that swagger, is that he knows he is just not ready for it.

“Unfortunately for Arthur, time is not on his side. His half-brother, Orm, has seen to that, and his plan to incite a war allowed the filmmakers to include vital messaging about the health of our planet in the story. Orm has decided to unite all the ocean kingdoms, and attack the surface world, largely because of all the things we do to pollute our oceans.” Momoa explained that his character Arthur will fight against the Orm to save the planet. (IANS)

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