Police Declare Molestation Charge Against Cricketer Prithvi Shaw 'False and Unfounded'

Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw faces false molestation allegations as police dismissed the charges after analyzing CCTV footage and witness statements.
Police Declare Molestation Charge Against Cricketer Prithvi Shaw 'False and Unfounded'

MUMBAI: In a recent court hearing, the police investigating the molestation charge filed by social media influencer Sapna Gill against Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw at a pub in Mumbai declared the allegation as "false and unfounded." The investigating officer presented a report to the magistrate, which included evidence such as CCTV footage and witness statements.

Gill's lawyer, Ali Kaashif Khan, requested the court to allow the presentation of video footage captured by Gill's friend, as well as the CCTV grab of the incident outside the pub. The court agreed and instructed the police to submit the relevant footage by June 28.

Gill had filed a complaint with the magistrate court in Andheri, seeking the registration of a First Information Report (FIR) under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including assault, insult, and causing hurt. She accused Prithvi Shaw and his friend Ashish Yadav of assaulting her with a bat in February.

The police, however, stated in court that the analysis of the pub's CCTV footage indicated that Gill and her friend Shobit Thakur were intoxicated and dancing. Shaw prevented Thakur from recording videos on his mobile phone. After examining the footage, the police found no evidence of Shaw or anyone else molesting Gill. Witness statements from individuals present in the pub also corroborated this finding, stating that Gill was not touched inappropriately.

Further investigation included analyzing CCTV footage from the nearby Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower. The footage revealed that Gill was following Shaw's car with a baseball bat in hand and had smashed the cricketer's car windshield.

Statements from the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) confirmed that no molestation incident occurred as claimed by Gill. A CISF official reported receiving an alert about a scuffle, and discovering a smashed windshield upon arrival. The official observed Gill holding a baseball bat, which her male friend took from her before the police arrived. The report concluded that none of the men present were assaulting Gill.

Based on the investigation conducted in response to Gill's complaint, the police asserted that the allegations against Prithvi Shaw and others were false and unfounded.

Earlier in February, Gill herself was arrested, along with others, for an alleged attack on Shaw following an argument over taking selfies at a suburban hotel. After obtaining bail, Gill approached the police station with her molestation complaint against Shaw, Ashish Yadav, and others. Failing to register a case, she subsequently moved the court.


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