Sara Ali Khan Says My Mother Made It Easy To Love And Accept Kareena Kapoor

Sara Ali Khan Says My Mother Made It Easy To Love And Accept Kareena Kapoor

Actor Sara Ali Khan has spoken concerning her modern family during a new interview to the media, praising her mother for making ‘the most secure, happiest and healthiest space’ for her, and dad Saif Ali Khan for always being just a phone call away.

She said that her parents separating when she was just a child worked out for the best. “I was a kid, who understood that her mother and father were happier that way. I can’t change how they're when they’re together. However, you need to apprehend the choice... I could have been brought up in an extremely unhappy, unstable and toxic household,” she said.

When Sara’s parents get a divorce, she went to live her mother, actor Amrita Singh. However, she said that Saif never made her feel as if he was away. “And as far as my father thinks about, he’s ne'er ever let me feel that we don’t live along. He’s always a call away. He’s invariably available for dinner, for coffee. So why would I desire that? I actually have two happy homes with 2 happy parents. That’s a win-win situation as opposed to a massive loss for everyone,” she said.

Saif married actor Kareena Kapoor in 2012. Sara Ali Khan has spoken concerning her admiration for Kareena in many interviews. “I’ve been a passionate Kareena Kapoor fan. So even nowadays there’s an element of surprise that Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham is my stepmother. People say I willed it to happen. I must have,” she said, adding that her following for Kareena is merely eclipsed by Sridevi.

Sara continuing, “As far as our unevenness thinks about, I used to be clear from the start that anyone who makes my father happy – not specifically Kareena – makes me happy. Anyone, he loves, I love. I don’t need to know that person is. It’s about my father. Having said that, Kareena and that I became friends and have a healthy equation in spite of the very fact that we’ve conducted ourselves with dignity. It’s also easy for me to love and accept Kareena because I have a mom, who makes me feel everything’s fine. She got me ready for my father’s wedding with Kareena. So when you have a mother saying, ‘Yeh earrings mat peheno, doosri chandbali peheno’... and if that’s the vibe at home, then you’re comfortable enough to take anything on.”

Sara Ali Khan made her Bollywood debut with Kedarnath, that she closely followed up with Simmba. She's will be next seen opposite her crush, actor Karttika Aaryan in director Imtiaz Ali’s sequel to his Love Aaj Kal, which incidentally asterisked Saif within the lead.

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