How To Control Uric Acid With Ayurveda: Check Here Now

High uric acid can lead to inflammation and pain in joints. Here are some Ayurvedic herbs and remedies for controlling uric acid.
How To Control Uric Acid With Ayurveda: Check Here Now

NEW DELHI: High uric acid in the human body may cause severe pain in joints and which need to be controlled by making certain changes in lifestyle.

Uric acid is basically a natural waste product created in the body while digesting food with purines like fish, alcohol, seafood, certain meats, etc.

To control uric acid one should do exercise should consume good and healthy food along with drinking lots of water.

Like Homeopathy and Allopathic, Ayurveda has also some remedies which can control the levels of uric acid.

Dr Sailee Modi, Ayurveda Consultant, Vedicure Healthcare And Wellness, suggests some herbs and remedies for the same.

1. Punarnava Kadha: Punarnava helps to decrease the irritation in joints. It helps to remove the toxins through urine and also helps to remove the fluid. If any person can consume it on daily basis it will help to reduce the irritation of joints caused by uric acids.

2. Gugul: There are many kinds of Gugul that are combined and several medicines are made from it. In Ayurveda, it is considered a painkiller as it reduces pain, inflammation around the joints and helps in controlling uric acid.

3. Guduchi: Guduchi helps to reduce the pitta amount and balance the pitta and Vata dosha which helps to decrease the amount of uric acid in blood. It also works to reduce the pain.

4. Musta herb: By boiling a coarse powder of Musta and after soaking it overnight, you can drink it after filtering it which will also help you.

5. Black raisins: It helps for bone density and reduces the risk of arthritis.

6. Varun Churna: Varun Churna uses as a paste on the joint pains caused the uric acid.

7. Shunthi and turmeric powder: Both should be mixed together with water to form a paste. It can be applied on painful joints.

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