Vitamin D Deficiency: Know About the Symptoms, Treatments, Causes and More

Lack of Vitamin D in the body causes Vitamin D Deficiency which results in serious conditions. Here are the symptoms, treatments, causes and all that you need to know about Vitamin D Deficiency.
Vitamin D Deficiency: Know About the Symptoms, Treatments, Causes and More

For better body functioning, Vitamin D is an essential necessity as it contributes to making the bones stronger and also helps in preventing dangerous diseases like cancer.

The 2022 edition of ICD-10-CM E55. 9 became effective on October 1, 2021, used as code for Vitamin D deficiency

These days people often suffer from Vitamin D Deficiency resulting in various types of diseases therefore it is very important to understand what Vitamin D Deficiency is all about.

Those people who are already suffering from existing diseases must to very careful in this regard as Vitamin D Deficiency along with other diseases may cause serious illness. Understanding its symptoms, treatments, and causes is an integral part to live a healthy life.

Know What Vitamin D Deficiency Is:

In very simple terms Vitamin D Deficiency means lack of vitamin D in a body or the person do not have enough Vitamin D in his/her body. Vitamin D is a type of Vitamin which is very unique as it is produced by human skin with the use of sunlight. In converting the sun rays into vitamin D, the younger ones and fair-skinned people are much better than the aged people above 50 and the darker-skinned individuals.

The Value of Vitamin D in a Human Body:

People sometimes ignore the need for Vitamin D in a body without being aware of its value and importance. Many may not know that Vitamin D is one of those vitamins which are considered as an essential requirement to keep the body healthy. Some of the functions of Vitamin D are discussed below:

• Stronger Bones: Enough Vitamin D in a body keeps the bones strong and healthy which will protect them from different types of illness such as rickets (soft and weak bones). Calcium and phosphorous build the bones when there is enough Vitamin D present in the body.

• Absorbs Calcium: Vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium from the diet in the body so that bones become stronger as weak bones lead to osteoporosis, which means losing bone density.

• Works with the parathyroid glands: The parathyroid gland runs every minute in the blood to balance calcium. In case of lack of Vitamin D, the parathyroid glands borrow calcium from the skeleton to maintain a normal range in blood calcium.

Causes of Vitamin D deficiency:

• Kidney and Liver diseases

• Weight loss surgeries

• Obesity

• Cystic fibrosis diseases

• Older Age makes Vitamin D lessen

Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency:

• Depression

• Fatigue

• Pain mainly in Bone

• Body weaknesses

• Muscle cramps and muscle weaknesses

• Sudden and unnecessary mood swings

Treatments of Vitamin D deficiency:

The best way to get enough Vitamin D in a body, a person must stick to careful diet plans and also look for properly planned sunlight. Getting the body exposed to sunlight for at least 15 to 20 minutes 3 days per week can be helpful in providing sufficient Vitamin-D

Vitamin D comes in two forms: D2 and D3. D2 known as ergocalciferol that comes from plants. D3, also called cholecalciferol, comes from animals. A medical prescription is required to get access to D2 however D3 is available with prescribed by doctors. It is more easily absorbed than D2 and lasts longer in the body dose-for-dose.

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