National Geographic Magazine Lays Off Staff Writers and Shifts for Freelance Contributors

The magazine's parent company, Disney, implemented the job cuts as part of cost-cutting measures.
National Geographic Magazine Lays Off Staff Writers and Shifts for Freelance Contributors

WASHINGTON: In a significant development for the world-renowned National Geographic magazine, the publication has reportedly laid off its remaining staff writers and is set to discontinue its presence on newsstands next year. This decision comes more than a century after the magazine's initial publication in 1888, which brought the wonders of science and the natural world to readers through its iconic yellow-bordered monthly issues.

Reports and tweets from several editorial members confirmed that a total of 19 writers were affected by the job cuts. Craig A Welch, a senior writer at National Geographic, expressed his gratitude and shared the bittersweet news on Twitter, stating, "My new National Geographic just arrived, which includes my latest feature—my 16th, and my last as a senior writer. NatGeo is laying off all of its staff writers. I've been so lucky. I got to work w/incredible journalists and tell important, global stories. It's been an honor."

Nina Strochlic, another writer and editor at the magazine, echoed these sentiments on Twitter, acknowledging the unique privilege of being part of the final cohort of staff writers: "It's been an epic run, @NatGeo. My colleagues and I were unbelievably lucky to be the last-ever class of staff writers."

These layoffs are the latest in a series of cost-cutting measures implemented by Disney, the parent company of National Geographic. Over the years, the publication has undergone several ownership changes, resulting in significant editorial adjustments. In September, six top editors were removed, further contributing to the shifting landscape of the magazine.

The repercussions of the job cuts have also affected National Geographic's relationships with various photographers who have contributed to its visually stunning storytelling. As per reports, the magazine plans to rely on freelance writers to compile its future issues, with the assistance of its remaining editors.

National Geographic, renowned for its exceptional journalism and captivating visual storytelling, has left an indelible mark on the world of publishing. The decision to transition to freelance contributors and cease its presence on newsstands signifies the end of an era. Nevertheless, the magazine remains committed to sharing awe-inspiring stories, and as it navigates this new chapter, it aims to adapt and captivate audiences in innovative ways.


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