White House Condemns Online Harassment of Wall Street Journal Reporter, Stresses on Press Freedom

The incident highlights the importance of upholding press freedom.
White House Condemns Online Harassment of Wall Street Journal Reporter, Stresses on Press Freedom

WASHINGTON: The White House has strongly condemned the wave of intense online harassment directed at Sabrina Siddiqui, a journalist from the Wall Street Journal, following her question to Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a joint press conference with President Joe Biden. The incident has drawn widespread condemnation and has underscored the vital importance of upholding press freedom in democratic societies.

During a press briefing, John Kirby, the U.S. National Security Council chief for strategic communication, acknowledged that the White House was aware of the reports of harassment. He expressed unequivocal condemnation, stating that such behavior is entirely unacceptable under any circumstances. Kirby emphasized that online harassment of journalists goes against the core principles of democracy that were on display during the state visit, and it should be vehemently denounced.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre echoed Kirby's sentiments, reiterating the administration's commitment to freedom of the press. She emphasized the vital role journalists play in society and denounced any attempts to intimidate or harass them while they perform their duty of informing the public. Jean-Pierre affirmed that the White House strongly condemns such acts and stands firmly against any efforts to undermine press freedom.

When asked about President Biden's response to Prime Minister Modi's answer to Siddiqui's question, Jean-Pierre declined to provide details, stating that it is for the Prime Minister to answer and for journalists to critique and report on. This response signifies the White House's respect for the independence of the press and its recognition that the role of journalists is to hold leaders accountable and analyze their statements.

The controversy erupted when Sabrina Siddiqui posed a question to Prime Minister Modi regarding the protection of minority rights, particularly the rights of Muslims, and the commitment to free speech in India. In response, Modi defended India's democratic values.

Unfortunately, following the press conference, Siddiqui became the target of online trolls who attacked her motives and questioned her heritage. In response to the harassment, she took to Twitter and shared personal photos of herself wearing an Indian cricket team shirt and a picture with her father, highlighting the complexity of her identity.

The strong condemnation from the White House underscores the administration's unwavering support for press freedom and its commitment to protecting journalists from intimidation and harassment. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safeguarding the ability of journalists to carry out their vital role in society without fear or interference. It also emphasizes the need for continued efforts to foster a climate of respect and civility in online spaces, ensuring that journalists can fulfill their professional responsibilities without facing personal attacks.


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