"ANIMAL ABUSE"- How Can People be so Cruel?

Author Khushi Pallavi Gillani who hails from Srinagar, Kashmir writes about how important it is for us to protect and safeguard the animals from animal abuses
"ANIMAL ABUSE"- How Can People be so Cruel?

"ANIMAL ABUSE"- How Can People be so Cruel?

Animals have as much right to live their life well as we humans do. Since they cannot speak, it is more important for us to protect and safeguard them.

Animal abuses are of two types: mental and physical.

When animals are captured and kept in cages, they are mentally abused. When they are used in circuses they are physically abused.

In recent times, I have seen a lot of posts and videos in which people are hitting animals with sticks, lighting them with fire, kicking them etc. and when I see those videos and posts it breaks my heart.

How can people be so cruel? I know that the world is not a place where we can see good every day but we have to protect these innocent animals.

Human beings tend to believe that all non-human beings simply exist for some use of human beings and that they have no independent lives. We need to understand that all non-human living beings have a life of their own which necessarily is not for mere human use. Animals have a right to live a life without pain and suffering.

The government has passed many laws to protect animals. It is illegal to use animals for gaming, to hunt them or to cage them.

Our experience is that mere laws are not enough to protect animals. We do come across reports, almost on a daily basis, that animals are subjected to cruelty and killed not just for food but for entertainment as well.

It is, therefore, important that we create awareness about animal rights so that they are protected and not subjected to ill-treatment. This has to begin at home and in school and every child needs to develop love and compassion for animals.

The time to do it is now. Let us all begin from our own family.

Author: Khushi Pallavi Gillani, Srinagar

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