Ayodhya: India's Most Expensive Ramayana Graces Ayodhya, Priced at 1.65 Lakh

The holy city embraces a 45-kilogram artwork with three Ram Temple-like coffins made of American walnut wood and saffron
Ayodhya: India's Most Expensive Ramayana Graces Ayodhya, Priced at 1.65 Lakh

AYODHYA: In a spectacular display of dedication and craftsmanship, India’s most expensive Ramayana found its place in the heart of Ayodhya, attracting devotees of Lord Rama through its unique quality and affordability Rs 1,65,000 This magnificent Ramayana weighing 45 kilograms in three The elaborate boxes are installed as a tribute to the construction of the upcoming Ram temple, featuring the temple's three storeys.

This unique interpretation of Made of American walnut wood and saffron this has been a prime destination for all those seeking the connection between the revered Sanskrit epic by Valmiki.

The detailed architecture of the outer coffin reflects the grandeur of the Ram Temple, creating a visual representation of the temple’s three floors. Of note is its placement on the top floor, which provides a designated space for enthusiasts to engage in sacred verses from the Ramayana. Manoj Sati, the bookseller behind this wonderful creation shared, "We came here after performing our beautiful Ramayana in the tent city of Ayodhya. It has many qualities and is the greatest Ramayana in the world."

Devotees from different parts of the country converge at Ayodhya, bringing special and holy offerings to Lord Rama. From Chhattisgarh, a group called ‘Sweetberry’ from Shivrinarayan in Champa district came on a mission to donate the fruits to the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust.

According to Hindu mythology, Shivṛṇārāyaṇa is considered to be the mother’s house of Lord Rāma. During his 14-year exile, a devotee named Sabari gave sweet plums to Lord Rama, creating an important association with the holy place. As the holy city of Ayodhya gears up for the ‘Prana Pratishtha’ ceremony by Sri Ramallalla on January 22, the arrival of the great Ramayana adds a touch of grandeur and devotion to the atmosphere. The intricate sculpture and design pays homage to Ayodhya’s cultural and religious significance, making this version a favorite symbol of faith of Lord Rama’s devotees across the country.

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