India Celebrates National Tourism Day on January 25

National Tourism Day is celebrated in India on January 25 every year. This day was established to raise awareness of the importance of tourism for the country's economy.
India Celebrates National Tourism Day on January 25

India is a diverse nation. It is a country of twenty-nine states and seven union territories with varieties of culture and tradition, each state speaks a different language, wear different clothes, have different cuisines. In this country the language and culture change in every kilometre. So, this country is a hub for the tourist from worldwide to visit and explore the rich culture and distinct heritage of it. According to statistics, every year about millions of tourists from foreign come to explore our country which helps in the contribution of the economical and cultural development of the locals.

National Tourism day:

In India, National Tourism Day is celebrated on January 25 every year to mark the significance of tourists to raise the economy of a nation; it basically promotes tourism.

The origin of this day:

The exact date of origin of this day is still uncertain but in 1948, a Tourist Traffic Committee was established in order to foster tourism. The first regional office was formed in Mumbai and Delhi and more offices were settled in Chennai and Kolkata in 1951.

A special department of tourism was established in 1958 under the Ministry of Tourism and Communication, whose head is the Deputy General.

The Prominence of this day:

The prominence of this day is quite simple which is to foster tourism in India and its contribution to the country's economical condition. The nook and corners of our country are known for ancient historic significance and rich multiculturism with a mix of wonderful attractions and these are the prime reason the country is the hub for tourism. Additionally, the tourism industry is the largest growing industry which highly contributes to economical aspects.

The Theme of National Tourism Day 2021:

The theme of National Tourism Day 2021 is 'Dekho Apna Desh'. On account of the prevailing Covid Pandemic, the tourism industry has gone through intense havoc as travelling was restricted around the world. So, from January 21 to February 22 of this year, the Ministry of Tourism is organizing seminars virtually in relevance to the theme. With this initiative, the diverse culture and heritage of our country can be explored virtually.

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