Indigo Passenger on Flight from Mumbai to Ranchi Vomits Blood; Dies After Emergency Landing

A Mumbai-Ranchi IndiGo flight diverts to Nagpur after a passenger battling illnesses vomits blood, leading to a tragic outcome.
Indigo Passenger on Flight from Mumbai to Ranchi Vomits Blood; Dies After Emergency Landing

NEW DELHI: In an unfortunate incident on a Monday, an IndiGo flight traveling from Mumbai to Ranchi was compelled to execute an emergency landing at Nagpur airport when a passenger fell critically ill. The passenger, identified as 62-year-old Devanand Tiwari, reportedly started vomiting blood during the flight. Despite prompt efforts, his condition deteriorated rapidly.

Devanand Tiwari was ailing from two serious medical conditions - Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and tuberculosis. The distressing episode unfolded at approximately 8 AM when Tiwari began vomiting blood on board the flight. The situation prompted the flight crew to initiate an emergency landing at Nagpur airport.

Aejaz Shami, the Deputy General Manager of Branding and Communications at KIMS Hospital, shared that Tiwari's health challenges encompassed both CKD and tuberculosis. Tragically, Tiwari's condition worsened, and upon arrival at KIMS Hospital in Nagpur, he was pronounced deceased. The subsequent protocol led to his body being transferred to the Government Medical College and Hospital for necessary procedures.

Following the emergency landing necessitated by the critical passenger's situation, the flight underwent medical procedures and clearances before successfully resuming its intended route from Nagpur to Ranchi.

The incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of health emergencies, even in mid-flight. The airline's swift and responsible action in diverting the flight to seek immediate medical assistance exemplifies the dedication to passenger safety and well-being. However, the outcome underscores the gravity of Tiwari's pre-existing medical conditions.

The incident also underscores the importance of passengers disclosing their health conditions and concerns before embarking on air travel, particularly if they have existing medical complexities. Adequate awareness and communication can help airlines and fellow passengers respond effectively to emergent situations.

The emergency landing of the Mumbai to Ranchi IndiGo flight due to a passenger's severe medical condition, unfortunately resulting in his passing, highlights the necessity of preparedness for health eventualities during air travel.


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