It is Now a Criminal Offence to Click Selfies in Gujarat's Dang District

People have died after falling from the river or slopes while snapping selfies in Gujarat's Dang districts, and to avoid similar mishaps the area has been declared a 'no selfie' zone.
It is Now a Criminal Offence to Click Selfies in Gujarat's Dang District


Selfies are not permitted at any of the tourist attractions in Gujarat's Dang district and will result in criminal charges if they are taken.

Visitors who are caught taking selfies in Saputara, Gujarat's lone hill station, may face a fine of up to Rs 200 or a one-month prison sentence.

According to officials, some people have died after falling from the river or slopes while snapping selfies. To avoid similar mishaps, additional Collector TK Damor has issued a notification declaring the site a 'no selfie' zone. 

Thousands of people travel to this region tucked between the hills and the forest during the monsoon season. 

Saputara is a densely forested area surrounded by hills and waterfalls. It draws a huge number of visitors from not just Gujarat, but also Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan for its majestic scenic beauty.   

The notification said action would be taken under Section 188 of IPC against people found taking pictures and selfies. "The violator may serve a jail for a month or a fine of up to Rs 200 can be imposed," it said. 

The district administration has up bollards and banners in several tourist areas warning visitors about the hazards of snapping selfies. 

In addition, according to accounts, a person drowned in the adjacent Gira waterfalls while taking a picture in August 2018. According to a research conducted by the US National Library of Medicine, between 2011 and 2017, 259 individuals died while snapping selfies, with India accounting for about half of them. 

India has recorded the most instances of selfie-deaths, followed by Russia, the United States, and Pakistan. According to the report, the leading causes of selfie-related deaths are drowning, transportation, and falls. 

"From October 2011 to November 2017, there have been 259 deaths while clicking selfies in 137 incidents. The mean age was 22.94 years. About 72.5 per cent of the total deaths occurred in males and 27.5 per cent in females," the institution said in its study uploaded online. 

"We also classified reasons for deaths due to selfie as risky behaviour or non-risky behaviour. Risky behaviour caused more deaths and incidents due to selfies than non-risky behaviour. The highest number of incidents and selfie-deaths has been reported in India accounting for approximately 50 per cent of total reported deaths," the institution said.

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