Mumbai: Controversial Actor Poonam Pandey Admits to Fake Her Death to Raise Awareness About Cervical Cancer

Poonam Pandey faces Backlash on Social Media After Pretending to Succumb to Cervical Cancer; Claims Stunt Aimed at Spreading Critical Awareness
Mumbai: Controversial Actor Poonam Pandey Admits to Fake Her Death to Raise Awareness About Cervical Cancer

MUMBAI: Amid reports of her untimely death from cervical cancer, Poonam Pandey shocked everyone revealing that she deliberately ‘faked’ her death. The revelation, delivered through an Instagram video by her, left many confused and raised eyebrows on social media platforms.

Pandey's media mogul had initially confirmed the news of his death, which created a lot of speculation and sadness among his followers. But soon after the announcement, the controversial actress took to Instagram to share a video with the caption, “I feel compelled to share something important with you all – I am here, alive. I didn’t get cervical cancer.”

In a subsequent post, Poonam Pandey explained that his unique stunt aims to spread awareness about cervical cancer, a disease that unfortunately claims the lives of thousands of women due to lack of knowledge about preventive measures and for early detection tests. In a personal video message circulated in media she highlighted the preventability of cervical cancer and talked about HPV. Pandey urged her followers to empower each other with necessary awareness and stressed the need to inform women about the steps they can take to prevent diseases.

An initial post about Pandey’s death was shared on his official Instagram handle, and her media manager Parul Chawla also confirmed the news. But the subsequent revelation of the fraud sparked backlash on social media, with users expressing their dissatisfaction with such a serious issue being used as an advertising stunt and gimmick.

Reactions on social media ranged from criticism of Pandey's choice of transparency to accusations of obsessive attention-seeking. Some users questioned the appropriateness of turning a serious health issue into a passive publicity stunt. Reacting to the comments on her stunt, Poonam Pandey posted a second video on Instagram, apologizing to his fans. She defended her idea, saying she aimed to raise awareness for cervical cancer, an issue still often overlooked in public discourse.

The dramatic turn of events created a sensation across the industry, Pandey and his brave personality and media houses including Kangana Ranaut hosted the reality show 'Lock Upp'. The incident has created a heated debate on the limits of cognitive creativity and ethical considerations of such advertising contexts.

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