Muslim man in Haryana converts his religion before marrying a Hindu girl

A Muslim man from Haryana converted to Hinduism before marrying a Hindu girl. The couple is under Haryana Police Protection as they fear a threat
Muslim man in Haryana converts his religion before marrying a Hindu girl

New Delhi: A Muslim man from Haryana converted his religion to Hindusim before marrying a Hindu girl. Both of them are now under police protection after an intervention of the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Earlier last week, Anil Vij, the Home Minister of Haryana said that Haryana Government has set up a three-member committee to draft a law against the alleged 'love jihad.' The term has been popularised by BJP leaders, alleging a Muslim man marrying a non-muslim woman just to covert her religion.

The man who converted his religion for marriage is 21-years-old, while his newly wedded wife id 19-years-old. They got married on November 9 following Hindu rituals.

The couple has approached the High Court of Haryana, saying that they feared threat to their lives by the family of the girl. They have also stated that opposing their marriage is a serious abuse under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.

The police have therefore lodged both of them in a protection home in order to provide them security and are also trying to evaluate their threat perception.

The Haryana Police also met the family of the girl who were acting as a threat to their marriage, and the police tried to convince them to accept the couple, as they were legally married. They also requested the family to let them live together as per their wish.

The girl, fearful of her family, has declined to meet her parents, who have asked her to meet her once on the case hearing day, November 11.

Many BJP-led governments have been trying to bring 'love jihad' into legal terms

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