New Delhi: India is set to host and chair UNESCO's World Heritage Committee session

India gears up to spearhead the session of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee, which will be held from July 2024 in New Delhi
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NEW DELHI: India is poised for a historical moment as it gears up to spearhead the upcoming session of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee, which will be held from July 21-31 this year in New Delhi. During an announcement made on Tuesday, Vishal V Sharma, India's Permanent Representative to UNESCO shared that his country has been granted the esteemed opportunity of hosting and leading this committee - marking a milestone occasion that has never taken place before.

The occurrence of this historic event not only establishes New Delhi as the center for worldwide discussions on safeguarding cultural and historical heritage, but also offers an immense occasion for India to exhibit its prosperous cultural inheritance at a global level. As per UNESCO's official announcement, it was resolved during the 19th special session in 2023 that India would host the World Heritage Committee's 46th meeting.

According to the public official statement, after a suggestion from India's governing bodies and in collaboration with UNESCO Director-General, New Delhi will host the 46th session of the World Heritage Committee between July 21st to 31st in 2024.

UNESCO, a specific agency under the United Nations (UN), aims to promote worldwide harmony and safeguard national welfare by means of collective cooperation in disciplines such as education, arts, science, and culture. India's appointment as host and chair for the World Heritage Committee session not only highlights its increasing involvement in global affairs but also signifies trust bestowed upon it.

The yearly meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee is a significant event attended by representatives from 21 member states. The main objective is to make valuable additions to the esteemed catalog of UNESCO World Heritage Sites worldwide. This necessitates identification and safeguarding of cultural and natural wonders that have exceptional global importance, thus highlighting the significance of international collaboration in this endeavor.

Experts, policymakers, and culture enthusiasts worldwide will convene in New Delhi for an upcoming session. The focus of the event is to discuss challenges and opportunities when it comes to protecting our shared heritage. It's anticipated that this gathering will result in significant decisions regarding adding new sites while encouraging collective efforts towards preserving and promoting existing ones.

India, being the host country, intends to display its diverse cultural variety, remarkable history and extraordinary architecture. The upcoming event will not only serve as an opportunity for diplomatic connections but also commemorate a mutual vow taken by the international community towards maintaining the natural and cultural heritage of our planet for generations to come.

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