New Delhi: Indian Navy's INS Kabra Strengthens Bilateral Ties with Sri Lanka

Indian navy demonstrates naval excellence and reinforces bilateral relations with Sri Lanka through INS Kabra
New Delhi: Indian Navy's INS Kabra Strengthens Bilateral Ties with Sri Lanka

NEW DELHI: As a display of diplomatic power on the seas, INS Kabra - an Indian Navy Fast Attack Craft-- docked at Sri Lanka's Colombo port. The vessel belongs to Car Nicobar class patrol and was commissioned in June 2011; it serves as a representation of India's shipbuilding proficiencies alongside its determination towards reinforcing oceanic collaboration within the area.

The cordial relationship between India and Sri Lanka was highlighted during the ceremonial reception of INS Kabra. The warm greeting extended to the crew by the Sri Lankan Navy is evidence of a mutual respect that both nations share as neighbors, particularly in their joined commitment towards maritime security efforts.

The INS Kabra is the eighth vessel among a set of ten, engineered to execute high-speed offshore patrol operations. It sports an impressive displacement figure of 320 tons and has a length spanning across 49 meters. With three water jet propulsion engines powering it up, this naval craft offers exceptional performance that can surpass speeds above 35 knots effortlessly. Its strategic importance lays in its versatility as it provides valuable assistance during various duties such as patrolling borders, combating piracy threats, or performing rescue missions within India's exclusive economic zone area.

The INS Kabra's aluminum superstructure is designed to reduce its weight and radar cross-section. Equipped with a CRN-91 30mm autocannon, Igla SA-18 surface-to-air missiles and heavy machine guns, it stands as an imposing resource for protecting shared waters and bolstering regional security.

The arrival of INS Kabra in Colombo serves as a confirmation for the strong trade relations between India and Sri Lanka, as well highlighting their common security concerns. This diplomatic effort demonstrates India's determination to maintain an established and united naval presence in the area while cultivating continued cooperation through activities like SLINEX joint exercises and frequent maritime security meetings. With its departure from port, this vessel leaves behind a lasting impression of reinforced bonds that reflect India's unwavering commitment to fostering an untroubled future at sea marked by collaboration with others.


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