New Delhi: Special Train Services for ICC World Cup 2023 Final; Affordable Travel Options from Delhi and Mumbai to Ahmedabad

Indian Railways introduces special trains from Delhi and Mumbai, offering budget-friendly tickets for cricket enthusiasts.
New Delhi: Special Train Services for ICC World Cup 2023 Final; Affordable Travel Options from Delhi and Mumbai to Ahmedabad

NEW DELHI: The Indian Railways has recently unveiled a strategic plan to facilitate the influx of passengers heading to the highly anticipated ICC World Cup 2023 final in Ahmedabad. Set to showcase an epic clash between cricket giants India and Australia, the final match is slated for Sunday, November 19, at the iconic Narendra Modi Stadium.

In response to the overwhelming demand for transportation, Indian Railways has rolled out special train services from both Delhi and Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Departing on Saturday evening, these trains are scheduled to reach Ahmedabad the following morning, ensuring fans' timely arrival for the cricket extravaganza.

With one dedicated train departing from Delhi and an impressive three from Mumbai, the special services aim to accommodate the surge of cricket enthusiasts making their way to witness the historic final. The decision to introduce these special trains comes as a response to the challenges posed by fully booked regular train reservations and exorbitant airfares, which have soared to prices ranging from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000.

To make the travel experience more accessible, Indian Railways has set special train fares at rates lower than the inflated airfares. Cricket enthusiasts can secure their journey with a sleeper class ticket priced at Rs 620, a 3AC economy berth for Rs 1,525, a standard 3AC seat for Rs 1,665, and first-class AC accommodation for Rs 3,490.

Importantly, the return service from Ahmedabad is thoughtfully scheduled to depart around 2:30 am post the match's conclusion. This thoughtful timing ensures that fans can relish the cricket finale and still have a convenient means to travel back to their origin points.

In a bid to streamline the ticket booking process, Indian Railways encourages passengers to secure their seats for these special train services through the official website. This user-friendly online platform provides a convenient avenue for cricket enthusiasts to plan their journey to the ICC World Cup 2023 final, offering budget-friendly options and ensuring a seamless travel experience for fans across the nation.


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