Radical Maulvi apologizes after praying to Allah to send a virus to kill 50 cr Indians

Radical Maulvi apologizes after praying to Allah to send a virus to kill 50 cr Indians

KOLKATA: Radical Maulvi Abbas Siddiqui based in Bengal was caught on tape pleading with Allah to send a virus to kill 50 cr Indians.

He was heard saying, "Recently I have got the news that mosques are being set on fire, mosques are being burnt for the last two days. I think something is going to happen within a month. May Allah accept our prayers. May Allah send such a terrible virus to India that ten to twenty to fifty crore people die in India. Am I saying something wrong? It is absolutely blissful.”

After he was criticised for making such statements, he said that he was quoted out of context and that he had a lot of respect of India's secularism.

Recently, Nashik police had arrested a man who posted a video of him saying coronavirus is Allah’s punishment for you. He is also seen licking and wiping his nose with Rs 500 denomination currency notes.

Since the Nizamuddin episode, a lot of videos have been circulated widely where Muslims are being encouraged to not follow protocol to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Some even say that it is a punishment from Allah. Conspiracy theories abound that this is a way to keep Muslims away from one another.

It is important to note that, Nizamuddin has now emerged as a hotspot for COVID-19 in India. Despite warnings from the government which had banned mass gatherings, authorities at Nizamuddin had gone ahead with the margaz where more than 2000 people from the country as well as all around the world had participated.

A lot of people who went back after attending the religious gathering had tested positive for coronavirus. Some deaths have also occurred.

It was on March 13 when 3400 people had arrived there for Tablighi Jamaat. This was when the Delhi CM had warned against mass gatherings of more than 200 people.

A few days later, the CM of Delhi out an upper limit of 50 for mass gathering but people at the gathering did not pay heed.

A few days later 10 people who were Indonesians tested positive for coronavirus at Telangana.

Then on March 22 Janata curfew was announced.

Next day 1500 left Nizamuddin.

And then the nation was out under 3 weeks lockdown which is why, Nizamuddin authorities say that people could not leave or vacate.

Questions have also been raised on the role of Delhi Police and what they were doing when such a gathering was underway at the heart of the city.

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