Rajnath Singh Unveils Strategic Infrastructure Projects Valued at INR 2,941 Cr

Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurates 90 vital infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, and airfields, enhancing national defense and connectivity.
Rajnath Singh Unveils Strategic Infrastructure Projects Valued at INR 2,941 Cr

NEW DELHI: India's Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, is set to inaugurate a total of 90 crucial infrastructure projects, collectively valued at INR 2,941 crore. This momentous event will take place on Tuesday, September 12, and is organized by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) at Devak Bridge on the Bishnah-Kaulpur-Phulpur Road in the Jammu & Kashmir region. These projects encompass 22 roads, 63 bridges, the Nechiphu Tunnel in Arunachal Pradesh, and two airfields in West Bengal.

These infrastructure endeavors represent a remarkable achievement as they have been executed under extremely challenging weather conditions and in some of the most unforgiving terrains across the nation.

Of particular note is the 422.9-meter-long, Class 70 RCC Devak Bridge on the Bishnah-Kaulpur-Phulpur Road in Jammu & Kashmir. This bridge holds immense strategic significance for India's Defence Forces, facilitating the rapid deployment of troops, heavy equipment, and mechanized vehicles to forward areas, while also stimulating socio-economic development in the region.

Another milestone project is the 500-meter-long Nechiphu Tunnel on the Balipara-Charduar-Tawang Road in Arunachal Pradesh. Alongside the under-construction Sela Tunnel, this tunnel promises to provide all-weather connectivity to the strategically crucial Tawang Region, benefiting both the armed forces stationed in the area and the tourists visiting the pristine Tawang.

Additionally, the reconstructed and revamped Bagdogra and Barrackpore Airfields in West Bengal are set to be inaugurated. These airfields have undergone successful reconstruction by the BRO, with an investment of INR 529 crore. Their reopening will not only bolster the defensive and offensive capabilities of the Indian Air Force along the Northern Borders but will also facilitate commercial flight operations in the region.

In a virtual ceremony, the Defence Minister will also lay the foundation stone of Nyoma Airfield in Ladakh. The development of Nyoma Airfield in Eastern Ladakh is budgeted at INR 218 crore and will enhance the air infrastructure in Ladakh, substantially augmenting the Indian Air Force's capabilities along the Northern Borders.

The Border Roads Organisation's concerted efforts in road and bridge construction over the past three years have culminated in the completion of numerous critical and strategic projects. These accomplishments have significantly bolstered India's defense preparedness in comparison to its adversaries, China and Pakistan. Notably, the BRO has successfully connected some of the country's farthest and most remote villages, such as Huri Village in Arunachal Pradesh, to the mainland.

“BRO’s surge in road and bridge construction in the last 3 years has led to the completion of many critical and strategic projects which has bolstered our defence preparedness vis a vis that of our adversaries China and Pakistan. The BRO has also connected the farthest and most remote villages of the country like Huri Village in Arunachal Pradesh to the mainland,” the officials said.

This series of infrastructure inaugurations marks a momentous step forward in enhancing India's national defense and connectivity, solidifying its position as a regional power in South Asia.


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