Uttarakhand: Defense Minister unveils 35 border projects in Uttarakhand

To enhance communication, security preparedness and socio-economic development, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated 35 projects in Uttarakhand on January 19
Uttarakhand: Defense Minister unveils 35 border projects in Uttarakhand

UTTARAKHAND: In a major step to strengthen the country's border security, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated 35 projects in Uttarakhand on January 19, 2024. The projects were constructed by the Border Roads Organization (BRO) at a cost of Rs 670 crore, these projects consist of roads, bridges, and tunnels aimed at enhancing connectivity, defense readiness and socio-economic development.

Mr. Singh appreciated the important role played by BRO in connecting geographically and socially isolated communities to the national connectivity. He highlighted the unique approach of the Modi-led government to the development of border areas, highlighting the shift from treating these areas as buffer zones to treating them as an integral part of the country.

Highlighting the government’s commitment to world-class infrastructure in these strategic locations, Singh declared that India’s face lies in its border areas. He appreciated efforts to establish connectivity to each border point, adding that people living along the border played an important role in serving the country.

The defense minister criticized the neglect of border areas by previous governments in the past, describing it as the last frontier. On the contrary, the government now sees them as an extension of the elite, focused on both security needs and development.

Singh mentioned the proactive stance of the government in setting up infrastructure and deployment of troops in mountainous border areas to ensure the safety of the people and their ability to effectively deal with the enemies.

Addressing the increasing natural disasters in border countries due to climate change, Singh called it a serious national security issue. To address this pressing concern, he announced a plan to seek cooperation from the Allies. Singh acknowledged the exceptional support extended by Border Roads Organization in Uttarakhand and lauded the teamwork displayed by various agencies during the crisis. He highlighted the change in attitudes towards compensation professionals (CPLs), acknowledging their vital role in the organisation.

Rajnath Singh concluded with measures to enhance the welfare of BRO employees, including increased risk and hardship allowances and absenteeism pay Jobs open the mouth includes 29 bridges and six roads, covering Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Mizoram , strategically located in bordering states like Himachal Pradesh Projects built under harsh conditions is aimed at strengthening India’s border affairs and promoting local socio-economic development.

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