Woman Killed By Colleague For Saying No To Marriage Proposal

The perpetrator had developed feelings for the woman while working together in the same company.
Woman Killed By Colleague For Saying No To Marriage Proposal

Bangaluru: A woman was killed on her way to work by her colleague after she refused his marriage proposal. The woman was only 23 years old. 

As per sources, the colleague, 27-year-old Venkatesh, had stabbed the woman, Anita, in the neck while they were on the way to work near Doddabele Road at Kengeri on Monday morning. 

The bleeding woman was taken to the hospital by Venkatesh and one other colleague. However, she was pronounced dead on arrival. 

Venkatesh and Anita were both working at the same FMCG manufacturing near Kengeri. The Kengeri police officials said, "They have been in Bengaluru for the past two years and were living in the accommodation provided by the company. They were friends for a long time."

Venkatesh was arrested after an FIR was lodged against him by the Kengeri police.

It was revealed during the investigation that Venkatesh had proposed marriage to Anita after he developed feelings for her while working together at the same company. Anita had refused the proposal saying that her family will be against this union. Anita had also alleged that she had been married as a minor to her relative back home. However, Venkatesh remained insistent and finally killed her after she said no on Monday morning. 

A Kengeri police official said, "On Monday, he approached her when she was on her way to work. He tried to convince her several times, but when she refused, he pulled out a knife and stabbed her on the neck." 

"He confessed that he had purchased the knife from a nearby shop and planned to attack her," police officials added.

Venkatesh has been taken into custody by the Kengeri police and a knife was recovered from the scene of the crime.

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