3 Steps To Fight Covid Effectively Suggested By AIIMS Chief

In the wake of the steep spike in the cases of the novel coronavirus, AIIMS chief Dr. Randeep Guleria on Sunday suggested 3 steps to effectively combat the spread of this infectious disease.
3 Steps To Fight Covid Effectively Suggested By AIIMS Chief

New Delhi- The chief of AIIMS, the premier medical science institute in this country, in the wake of the second wave of the novel coronavirus, has suggested three effective ways to combat the spread of this deadly infectious disease. 

Dr. Randeep Guleria, the director of AIIMS suggested three main steps which include the creation of containment zones, prohibiting huge gatherings, and boosting up the rate of vaccinations. 

He also claimed that the second wave of pandemics has always been deadlier than the first one historically. 

"If we go back to the pandemic 100 years ago, the second wave was more dangerous. Even now, people started going out and now we are seeing a surge," said Dr. Guleria. 

Dr. Guleria said that in spite of India being aware of the global presence of the new variant of the coronavirus, we on our part have shown complacency due to which it has reached India. 

"We have to do 3-4 things: We must stop the infection from spreading. We must create a strict containment zone in the most affected areas with testing, tracking, and treatment. Secondly, we must ban crowding. Third, we must boost vaccination," he said. He also added by saying that we must repeat dividing the country into red, green, orange zones like earlier and get more beds and supply of medical oxygen. 

Dr. Guleria in reference to the anti-viral Remdisivir drug said that it may reduce the chances of hospitalization but will not reduce the rate of mortality. "Remdesivir is an antiviral drug and was developed for Ebola. The first paper in China showed it had no effect on Covid-19. Subsequently, studies showed, it could reduce hospitalization, but could nothing about mortality."

India reported 2,73,810 fresh new Covid-19 cases, making it the fifth straight day that India has recorded more than 2 lakh Covid cases in 24 hours. The highest one-day surge took the total tally of caseload to 1.5 crore mark. There have been 1,619 cases of fatalities reported in the last 24 hours in a new record high taking the total caseload past the 1.5 crore mark. This is the sixth consecutive day that India reported over a thousand daily deaths.

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