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A Thief with a Heart, Returns Stolen COVID Medicines with Apology Note

The theft was reported from Jind Civil Hospital, Haryana. The thief stole 1,710 vials of Covishield and Covaxin vaccines

A Thief with a Heart, Returns Stolen COVID Medicines with Apology Note

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Gurgaon: When 1,710 vials of COVID medicine was stolen from Haryana's Jind Hospital, the authorities thought that it was gone for good. It did get the authorities a little worried because there is a shortage of COVID medicines and the numbers of COVID cases are soaring in Haryana as well.

But to the utter surprise of the hospital authorities, the thief who had stolen the bag Covid-19 vaccines had returned the entire bag to a man outside the Civil Lines police station. He also left a note in Hindi that read: "Sorry, I didn't know it was medicines for Corona".

The bag consisted of Covidshield and Covaxin doses. According to the officials, the bag had 1,270 doses of Covidshield and 440 doses of Covaxin. The bag was stolen from the freezer of the storeroom of the hospital.

It was reported that the hospital's storeroom had no provision of a CCTV surveillance system or a security guard.

The thief, while returning the stolen bag was also careful not to get caught. He said that he was delivering food for the police.

The police are trying to track the thief. A case has been filed about the theft at the Jind Civil Hospital's storeroom. Dr. Bimla Rathi, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Jind Civil Hospital said that all the jabs including the BCG and polio vaccines and other medications remained untouched. Rathi said that the recovery of the medicines is good news. However, the vials must have become useless as the vials are supposed to be stored at a certain temperature in the freezer. Read more

Haryana has reported 390989 confirmed cases and 3583 deaths as of 23rd April. The total vaccinations across the country have crossed more than 13.5 crores mark and India's cumulative vaccination coverage exceeds 13.23 crores. On the 97th day of the Covid vaccination drive, a total of 30, 16,085 vaccine doses were given across the country till 8:00 pm. Starting May 1, the government has decided to vaccinate all above 18 years of age across the country.

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