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Amazon Customer Eats Cow Dung Cakes, Review Goes Viral on Twitter

An Amazon customer purchased cow dung cakes, ate them and left a review about it. The screenshots shared by a Twitter user has since gone viral.

Amazon Customer Eats Cow Dung Cakes, Review Goes Viral on Twitter

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A post about cow dung has gone viral on Twitter. A person purchased cow dung cakes from Amazon and left a scathing review stating they did not taste well.

Twitter user Dr Sanjay Arora posted screenshots on Twitter after he came across this bizarre review on Amazon. The cow dung cake buyer, who remains anonymous posted a review under the product stating that the cow dung cakes are "muddy in taste", and also advised the seller to "pay attention to the crunchiness of this product."

The product in question, the cow dung cakes, are to be used for puja. The product description states, "100% pure and original cow dung cakes for daily hawan, pujan and other religious activities. Made up of original dung of Indian cow, with due care and process. Completely hand-made. Completely dried, moisture free and burns properly. Can also be used to purify the atmosphere and removes bugs and insects. Round shape with 5 Inches diameter, easy to handle and storage. Longer shelf-life."

The anonymous buyer further stated that he got sick after consuming the cow dung cakes, and asked the brand of the dung cakes to maintain hygiene standards during manufacturing.

Dr Sanjay Arora's tweet has since gone viral, with many commenting on the strange review. Some of the responses asked if the review was actually posted. One user asked, "Is it for real." Another comment on the post reads, "Is this really true?"

Dr Sanjay Arora, who is a digital marketing and branding expert, shared the screenshots with the caption, "Ye Mera India, I love my India."

Dr Arora is a Nagpur University alumnus and is the CEO of Shells Advertising Inc. He has a PhD in marketing from Nagpur University.

In many parts of the developing world, cow dung is dried and made into cakes to use it as fuel.

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