Cab Driver Masturbates In Front of Women Passenger In Bangalore, Women Stunned

An Ola cab driver masturbated in front of a women passenger thinking that she had not noticed him. She took to Twitter to narrate this horrific incident.
Cab Driver Masturbates In Front of Women Passenger In Bangalore, Women Stunned

Bengaluru: In a shocking incident that occurred in Bangalore, an OLA Cab driver allegedly masturbated in front of a woman passenger while on a ride on Friday, 3 December.

This incident came to the spotlight when this woman who also happens to be a journalist shared this disgusting incident on social media.

"In a city that I call home, it made me feel extremely unsafe today. Took an Ola around the usual time, after work only to be with a driver who had the audacity to think he could masturbate in front of me. He kept at it thinking I hadn't noticed and kept at it," she tweeted.

She added that she somehow gathered courage and persuaded the driver to stop the vehicle.

According to her, she was left dumbstruck about how the incident unfolded. She said that she was unable to dial the emergency contact number as she was left stunned by the incident. Finally, she got out of the car and took another cab which dropped her home safely.

She later informed that upon notifying Ola about this incident, the company apologized and promised to suspend the driver and launch a complaint against him. She expressed her disappointment with the fact that women are still not fully safe anywhere.

She also went on to say that she was rather ashamed and dismayed by the fact that no harsh punishments exist for committing such pathetic acts. Cab Services in India has had a notorious reputation when it comes to the safety of women.

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