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G20 Agenda: India Sets Slogan Under Theme Of "One Earth, One Family, One Future"

According to PM Modi, India's G20 priorities will be developed in cooperation with both its G20 partners and its fellow travellers from the global South.

G20 Agenda: India Sets Slogan Under Theme Of One Earth, One Family, One Future

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NEW DELHI: On Thursday, India began the G-20 presidency. And the greatest challenges that may be overcome through cooperation are terrorism, climate change, and pandemics, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who stated that efforts will be made to further foster oneness.

According to him, India's G20 priorities will be developed in cooperation with both its G20 partners and its fellow travellers from the global South, whose voices are frequently ignored.

According to him, India's G20 agenda will be inclusive, ambitious, decisive, and action-oriented.

"Make India's G20 presidency one of reconciliation, harmony, and hope by working together. Let's collaborate to create a new paradigm for globalisation that is human-centered "He stated in a piece that was published on his website as well as in a number of newspapers.

The prime minister stated in a series of tweets that the nation is looking forward to working on promoting sustainable lifestyles, and depoliticizing the world's supply of food, fertilizers, and medicinal items, among other topics.

"I genuinely believe this is the finest time to advance further and spark a fundamental attitude shift for the good of humanity as a whole," he declared.

The prime minister declared that it is no longer acceptable to be stuck in the outdated zero-sum mentality that has produced both shortages and violence.

It's time to be motivated by our spiritual traditions, which promote unity and cooperation in the face of world problems, he continued.

"Can the G20 go even further as India takes on this significant role? Can we trigger a profound revolution in thinking that will benefit all of humanity? I think we can, "He stated in the article that he wanted to express his opinions on this important turning point in Indian diplomacy.

"Scarcity has been a defining characteristic of human existence throughout history, and this has influenced our thinking. People competed for scarce resources since doing so was essential to their survival. Conflict and rivalry between ideas, ideologies, and identities started to become the norm, he claimed.

"Unfortunately, we still live in a world where everything is a zero-sum game. Countries fighting over resources or territory are examples of this. We notice it when supplies of necessary things are turned into weapons. We observe it when a small number of people hoard millions of vaccines." The prime minister expressed in a statement.

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