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Indian Family of 4 Found Dead Near US-Canada Border Identified

The family of four found frozen to death in the Manibota province of Canada is identified as Indian nationals and residents of Dingucha village in Kalol tehsil of Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Indian Family of 4 Found Dead Near US-Canada Border Identified

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NEW DELHI: The four dead bodies found on the US-Canada border are identified as residents of Dingucha village in Kalol tehsil of Gandhinagar located in the state of Gujarat.

The identification of the bodies was confirmed on Friday 28 January by the High Commissioner of India in Ottawa, Canada.

It is informed that on 19 January the family of four allegedly attempted to illegally enter the United States through the Manibota province of Canada near the US-Canada border which resulted in their death. The authorities of RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) later found the family frozen to death close to Emerson Town in Canada.

According to the statement released by the High Commissioner of India in Ottawa the four deceased have been identified as Jagdish Patel of 39 years old, his wife Vaishali Patel of 37 years old, son Dharmik Patel of 3 years old and daughter Vihnagi Patel of 11 years old.

As per the statement, the reason for their death after the medical investigation found that the family died because of exposure to outdoor elements.

The head of the family Jagdish Patel in his past served as a school teacher but he left his teaching profession and started different types of business in Kalol city. The family has a one-story house located in Dingucha but no one resides there as the house remains locked. Jagdish's father named Baldev Patel used to be in the house but he then left the village and settled in another place.

As per authorities, the entire family had travelled from Dingucha to Canada a fortnight ago with the help of a visitor's VISA. The family was found missing for the past few days and it was reported that the details of the four missing matches with the people found dead on the US-Canada border.

The High Commissioner of India in Ottawa stated that the Canadian authorities gave confirmation about the dead bodies as Indian nationals. The family members have been informed and the Consulate General of India in Toronto is at present in contact with the relatives of the deceased and is providing all possible support.

The Consulate General of India in Toronto and the High Commissioner of India in Ottawa are working closely along with the Canadian officials over all the aspects of inquiry into the matter.

Meanwhile, a special team headed by a senior consular officer is currently camping in Manitoba province to provide consular services for victims and to look after all the aid for the ongoing probe.

On the day of the incident, the law enforcement agencies had detained a US-based person named Steve Shand for allegedly trying to ferry Indians in his vehicle illegally without documents.

The statement reads that on longer-term issues the tragedy has brought into light the necessity to ensure that mobility and migration are made legal and secure so that such incidents do not occur repeatedly.

It further reads that for instance to avoid and decrease illegal activities like human trafficking, irregular migration and migrants smuggling, India has proposed a comprehensive MMPA (Migration and Mobility Partnership) to the country Canada. The MMPA will facilitate circular and sustainable mobility in countries and it remains under consideration by the government of Canada.

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