Jio User's Reports Network Issues; Company Offers Complimentary Unlimited Plan

Reliance Jio network problem trends today on twitter, Jio declares the problem has been fixed by giving unlimited data for two days to those users affected
Jio User's Reports Network Issues; Company Offers Complimentary Unlimited Plan

NEW DELHI: Multiple numbers of Jio users subscribed to Reliance Jio have faced disturbance with the network mostly in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.

The news has been circulated on Twitter by Jio users claiming that there is an issue with the service as it is down since morning. One of the websites that track and identify internet outages called Down Detector has identified 4000 users claiming outages; it has been showing a spike in the complaints by the users. In the last few hours many hashtags related to the Jio network has been used on Twitter-like the hashtag Jio down and the hashtag Reliance Jio. Tweets to @Jio care were tweeted particularly from the regions and surroundings of Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

The Reliance Jio Company thereby acknowledges the issues regarding the network faced by the users by offering an unlimited plan for two days to the affected Jio customers which will be automatically activated tonight after the expiry of the current plan. The telecom company has made the offer through a message to all the Jio users who faced disruption with a network connection. It has apologized in the message for the unpleasant experience and inconvenience the users have faced and also mentioned that the Jio team has resolved the matter as the service to customers is the company's top priority.

Jio has been serving its customers for a long time but the network issues have a great impact on many users from different regions of India as this morning it may have affected even other regions apart from Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. After an hour after other apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram were down the Jio cellular network led to network outage for some users. Jio subscribers could have experienced greater issues related to connectivity because people are much dependent on the Jio service. Twitter has proved to be a very useful platform in making the complaints visible across the country and making the company aware of the problem by tweeting with different Jio Hashtags.

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