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Kerala temple removes signage which says "Brahmins-only toilet" after social media outrage

Kerala temple removes signage which says Brahmins-only toilet after social media outrage

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  7 March 2020 9:49 AM GMT

KERALA: A local Kerala temple which put up a signage saying ''Brahmins-only toilet'' removed the signboard post social media outrage.

The picture that has now gone viral shows three toilets with signboards which reads "Men", "Women" and "Brahmins”.

The temple in question is the Kuttumukku Mahadeva Temple in Thrissur.

Kannan, an official of the temple committee said, “That particular toilet was used by priests and other temple employees. We didn't even notice that board. As soon as we came to know about it, we removed it and affixed a staff-only board.”

He said that legal measures will be taken against the person who posted the photos on social media as it is an attempt by him to deliberately malign the image of the shrine.

"We suspect that he did it deliberately in order to create issues during the time of the festival and to tarnish the shrine's reputation. Not only that, the photo he shared was an old one though he claimed that it was taken during the time of the festival," said Kannan.

It is worth mentioning that a lot of offensive caste base remarks are being made in public.

In January this year, Rajendra Trivedi, Speaker of 14th Gujarat Legislative Assembly, lauded achievements of the Brahmin community towards the development of society. He was speaking during the inauguration of ‘Mega Brahmin Business Summit’ near Ahmedabad. He mentioned people like BN Rau and Abhijit Banerjee to highlight the achievements of the community.

“Do you know that constitutions of 60 countries were studied and then our draft Constitution was prepared?” the Speaker said. “Do you know who presented that draft to Dr. BR Ambedkar? We all take Dr. BR Ambedkar’s name with respect when it comes to the Constitution. However, in his [Ambedkar’s] own words, the draft was prepared by BN Rau – Benegal Narsing Rau – a Brahmin,” he said.

“Of eight Nobel prize winners in India, seven have gone to Brahmins. Does anyone remember the name of the ninth Nobel Prize recipient? Abhijit Banerjee got it. Abhijit Banerjee means a Brahmin,” he added.

While underlining several achievements of the Brahmin community, Trivedi said that BJP’s foundation in the state of Gujarat was laid by three Brahmins: Chimanbhai Shukla, Suryakant Acharya and Ashok Bhatt.

“They set the base for the Jan Sangh in Gujarat,” he said. “Most of these people on the dais are mostly from BJP… The Brahmin community has always spoken about national interest, and because of that, the community has joined with the BJP and the RSS…”

Last year, Zubeen Garg, the noted and most popular singer of the state, created a lot of issued and controversies for his controversial statement made on the Brahmin community. Reportedly, the singer had said derogatory words about the Brahmins in a cultural event which created quite a rage amongst the Brahmins. Zubeen, in his controversial comment against the Brahmins, had said that he too is a Brahmin but he has snapped his ‘lagun’ (a kind of sacred thread won by the Brahmin man) in his upcoming movie. Although he was first speaking about the movie, but went out of the reel to the real life and said that in his real life as well he has snapped his sacred lagun and do not believe in wearing it. Going a step ahead, he further commented that the Brahmins should be killed. It is this remark made by the singer created quite an outrage amongst the Brahmin people of Assam.

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