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Navjot Singh Sidhu Abandoned Old Aged Mother In 1986, Alleges Sidhu's NRI Sister

The elder sister of Navjot Singh Sidhu alleges that the Punjab Congress Chief had abandoned their mother in 1986 after the death of their father for his lust to take over the family property.

Navjot Singh Sidhu Abandoned Old Aged Mother In 1986, Alleges Sidhus NRI Sister

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NEW DELHI: Just ahead of the Punjab Assembly elections scheduled to be held next month, there are various new developments in the state with controversies about the political leaders.

In a recent development, the Congress party of Punjab has been hit by a hurricane-like storm as there are accusations made against the Punjab Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu that he has abandoned his old-aged mother in 1986.

On Friday 28 January none other than Sidhu's own sister revealed about the past truth when Sidhu had allegedly abandoned their mother after the death of their father.

In an interview, Suman describes her brother as a cruel person who can do anything for the sake of money as in past he behaved heartlessly with their mother leaving her to die to gain the property. The Congress leader has now landed into numerous controversies after such remarks by his sister.

The allegations are not made by any political party to use against the state Congress chief but it is leveled only by his elder sister named Suman Toor. Toor has been residing in the United States.

She informed that their mother lost her life in a condition of a destitute lady when she was deprived of everything. Suman further claimed that Sidhu abandoned their mother and left her to die in a railway station in Delhi where she died after two years in 1989.

The elder sister of Sidhu alleged that in the year 1986, Sidhu kicked their mother out of the house and then they found her body as an unknown death in the railway station of Delhi. After losing her husband, Sidhu's mother got extremely depressed.

Suman said that her cold-blooded brother had left her depressed mother to die only for the reason to take over the property as he had an eye and lust over the family's property for long. She also stated that Sidhu had earlier lied about their parent's separation in a news article.

The cricketer turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu has not yet responded with any statement over the allegations made against him by his own sister.

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