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Netizens Debate Over Mysterious Island On Google Maps, Some Call It 'Entrance To Hollow Earth'

The mysterious triangular-shaped island aroused the curiosity of the netizens as it had been blacked out by Google Maps.

Netizens Debate Over Mysterious Island On Google Maps, Some Call It Entrance To Hollow Earth

Source: Google

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New Delhi: The appearance of a 'blacked out', 'mysterious' and 'hollow' island is receiving much attention from curious netizens who are now debating over what it could be.

A lot of places on Earth have been blacked out by Google Maps. This is why netizens believe that there was a possibility of the island being 'censored'.

Some netizens had wilder ideas, as in the case of one Reddit user who commented, "God dropped his guitar pick". Another Reddit user wrote, "Looks censored for some reason". Somebody even went on to call the hollow-appearing island the 'entrance to Hollow Earth'. Several others expressed their curiosity over the colours and gradients of the water surrounding the island.

One Reddit user, who goes by the username goldenstar365 decided to clear all confusion regarding the island and explained, "Ok so the real answer is the blue color around the island is a painted-in color so the oceans look uniform in the maps. Islands are added by erasing some of that blue to let the satellite image show through."

He added, "Sometimes they do a sloppy job. So what you are seeing moving inward is: artificial ocean color, real ocean with waves, beach, island. As for the shape, idk man islands come in all shapes and sizes I don't discriminate."

This explanation might have cleared the doubts of many. However, there are some who are still not convinced and thinks there is more to what meets the eye.

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