New Delhi: Delhi Police Arrest ISIS Terrorist and Two Suspects in Foiled Terror Plot

Delhi Police Special Cell captures ISIS terrorist Shafi Ujjama and two others in a thwarted terror scheme.
New Delhi: Delhi Police Arrest ISIS Terrorist and Two Suspects in Foiled Terror Plot

NEW DELHI: In a significant breakthrough, the Delhi Police Special Cell successfully apprehended a suspected ISIS terrorist, Mohammad Shahnawaz, also known as Shafi Ujjama, along with two other terror suspects on Monday. Shahnawaz had long been a prime target on the National Investigation Agency's (NIA) most-wanted list, boasting a substantial bounty of Rs 3 lakh on his head.

This critical operation unfolded following an invaluable tip-off regarding the existence of an active ISIS module in Delhi. The intelligence suggested that the module was actively planning and coordinating terror attacks in various regions of North India, including the nation's capital, under the direct guidance of foreign-based handlers.

Shahnawaz, an engineer by profession, had been wanted in connection with the infamous Pune ISIS module case. His criminal history includes a daring escape from Pune police custody, eventually leading him to find refuge in the bustling streets of Delhi, where he was ultimately apprehended by the diligent Special Cell.

At present, all three terror suspects, including Shahnawaz, are undergoing rigorous questioning by authorities, aiming to extract critical information that could help thwart any impending threats.

The operation yielded a significant haul of incriminating materials, among them a liquid chemical known for its use in crafting Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The discovery underscores the seriousness of the terror plot that law enforcement successfully disrupted.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) had recently announced substantial cash rewards of Rs 3 lakh each for information leading to the capture of Shahnawaz and three other high-profile terror suspects, underscoring the urgency of neutralizing these threats to national security.

In relation to the Pune ISIS module case, authorities have made significant progress with the arrest of five individuals, including a doctor, shedding light on the intricate network that had been operating under the radar. The diligent efforts of law enforcement agencies are crucial in safeguarding the nation against such threats, emphasizing the importance of continued vigilance and collaboration in the fight against terrorism.


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