New Delhi: Prime Minister Modi Raises Alarm on Deepfake Threats, Calls for AI Awareness

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi warns against the dangers of deepfake technology, urging media and public awareness to combat the spread of manipulated content.
New Delhi: Prime Minister Modi Raises Alarm on Deepfake Threats, Calls for AI Awareness

NEW DELHI: In a recent address on November 17, Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised significant concerns about the potential misuse of artificial intelligence (AI) in the creation of deepfake videos. He emphasized the importance of understanding AI and its capabilities, pointing out the growing threat posed by manipulated videos that could spread false information or have malicious intent.

PM Modi shared a personal anecdote, revealing that he had come across a video in which he appeared to be singing a Garba song, a traditional Indian dance form. Expressing his worry, he acknowledged the existence of numerous similar videos circulating online. The Prime Minister highlighted the gravity of the situation, considering the ease with which AI can be employed to produce convincing deepfakes that could create serious problems for individuals and society at large.

To tackle the menace of deepfakes, Modi disclosed that he has engaged with the ChatGPT team, tasking them with identifying and flagging such content to warn the public when these manipulated videos circulate on social media. This collaboration with technology experts reflects the government's commitment to leveraging resources in the fight against misinformation and deceptive content.

Beyond the deepfake threat, Prime Minister Modi reiterated his dedication to transforming India into a developed nation. He emphasized that these aspirations are not mere rhetoric but tangible objectives that the government is actively pursuing. Modi also highlighted the widespread support for the 'vocal for local' initiative, indicating that people are increasingly rallying behind efforts to promote indigenous products and businesses.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Prime Minister expressed pride in India's achievements and reassured the public that the nation is steadfast on the path of progress. His address aimed to instill confidence, underlining the resilience of the Indian populace and the nation's unwavering commitment to overcoming challenges.

Prime Minister Modi's call for AI awareness and vigilance against deepfakes underscores the critical need for a collaborative effort from both the government and the public to safeguard against the potential misuse of artificial intelligence.


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