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Norovirus Confirmed in Kerala: Symptoms, Treatment and All You Need to Know

Norovirus, a highly infectious flea in the stomach was recently confirmed in Wayanad districts of Kerala, Health Minister of the state-issued guidelines on Friday 12 November

Norovirus Confirmed in Kerala: Symptoms, Treatment and All You Need to Know

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  13 Nov 2021 6:17 AM GMT

NEW DELHI: Norovirus, a highly infectious flea in the stomach has been recently confirmed to be found in the Wayanad district of Kerala.

On Friday 12 November Veena George, Health Minister of Kerala released guidelines over Novovirus and urged the people of the state to be watchful and careful.

The norovirus is a very harmful animal-borne disease that causes numerous symptoms in a person's body. The transmission of the disease mainly comes from contaminated food and water. Two weeks ago as reported in as many as 13 students of a veterinary college in Pookode near Vythiri of Wayanad district tested positive for Norovirus.

Veena George in her statement said that at present there is no cause for concern in the state but everyone needs to be aware of the disease and its prevention measures. She further says that various activities including super chlorination are underway and people must make sure that drinking water sources are hygienic. She added that this infectious disease can be cured soon with proper prevention measures and treatment.

Norovirus causes gastrointestinal diseases including severe vomiting, diarrhea and inflammation of the lining of the stomach and intestines. Healthy bodies are not much affected by the virus but it becomes serious in the case of children, aged people, and people with comorbidities.

The virus is easily transmitted from one person to another in case of close contact with an infected person or by touching contaminated surfaces. It is also transmitted by eating food that has been prepared or handled by someone with a stomach bug. The virus spreads from the vomit and excrement of the already infected person.

The main symptoms of the norovirus are abdominal pain, body aches, headache, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and high temperature in the body.

According to the guidelines issued by Health Minister, Veena George people infected with norovirus should take a rest as much as possible, drink boiled water and oral rehydration solutions (ORS). Washing hands repeatedly with water and soap after eating and after using the toilet can be a good measure to prevent norovirus.

The guidelines also stated that interaction with animals can be harmful and this should be given special attention. Bleaching powder must be chlorinated in wells and water tanks. The chlorinated water must be used for domestic use and people must drink only boiled water. The guideline added that well-cooked seafood must be eaten and vegetables and fruits should be properly washed before eating. Avoiding exposed and stale foods must be practised reads the guidelines.

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