School Reopening Survey: 69% Indian parents are in favour to Open schools in April

Online surveys seeking to assess the hesitancy levels of parents on a national level showed that 69% parents want schools and colleges to reopen in April.
School Reopening Survey: 69% Indian parents are in favour to Open schools in April

New Delhi: In an parent support survey, in COVID-19 situations, conducted online have stated recently that a total of 69% parents in India want schools and colleges to reopen in April. The survey conducted by online platform "LocalCircles" have shown that while only 34% parents were ready for schools to reopen in surveys conducted in September last year, an increased percentage of 69% is currently in favour of the April dates.

The findings of the survey depict that the percentage of parents who want school to reopen in the next session has doubled in the last three months. 

As per reports, a total of 19,000 parents from 224 districts of India were interviewed by LocalCircles to assess the levels of hesitancy in parents to send their wards to their respective educational institutions. The increasing statistics could be attributed to the declining number of daily Covid cases and the news of emergence of Covid vaccines. Owing to these reasons, parents are more keen on schools reopening, the reports suggested. 

Official reports of the survey have further added that the growing concern among these groups of parents is the loss of actual learning atmosphere in schools and colleges. Reportedly, all schools and colleges have been closed due to the Covid pandemic since March last year. Since then, classes have been conducted in online or partial offline mode with small attendances.

However, the current trends in the spread of the virus have naturally had a positive impact on parents as they await schools reopening, the reports said. Notably, in addition to the 69% who favoured school reopening in April, another group of 23% said that it should take place in January, 2021. 

Furthermore, the survey also declared that only a total of 29% parents were keen on having their children receive the Covid-19 vaccines if it is made available by the month of April or whenever the school session begins. Around 56% said that they would like to wait for three months or more, and then consider their children's vaccination based on data and findings.

Reportedly, 12% of the interviewed parents rejected the entire idea of vaccination altogether. 

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