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Passenger's Oxygen Concentrator Mistakenly Picked by IPL Team from Delhi Airport

In a rather unusual mix-up, an IPL team mistakenly picks up a passenger's oxygen concentrator from the Delhi airport which was brought from Bengaluru to New Delhi via Indigo airlines.

Passengers Oxygen Concentrator Mistakenly Picked by IPL Team from Delhi Airport

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New Delhi- An oxygen concentrator after being dispatched on Monday for a 68-year-old COVID-19 infected senior citizen goes missing on an indigo flight.

After Mr. Ansari's health worsened and the oxygen levels dipped, his concerned son Anwar bought an oxygen concentrator ( usually retails for ₹40000 - ₹90000 depending on the quality) from Bengaluru and sent it in baggage on flight 6E 5161 in which he traveled on April 26. Meanwhile, as Mr. Ansari's health was deteriorating his family in Delhi were frantically looking for available hospital beds.

The flight reached Indira Gandhi airport around 7:30 pm, but the oxygen concentrator was nowhere to be found in the baggage claim area of terminal 3.

Anxious and confused Anwar took this matter to Indigo but it bore no fruits.

Two days later, the baggage was found by one of the players of the Chennai Super Kings IPL team. The team had traveled to Indira Gandhi airport via a Vistara flight and it was then when one of the players found the oxygen concentrator while checking the luggage on Tuesday night ( April 27).

The individual informed the Indigo office and the item was collected by staff from the airline company. It is still not know how the unavailability of the oxygen concentrator had impacted Mr. Ansari's health. The family had been searching for a bed when Mr. Ansari's SPO had dipped to 65 ( SPO is the measurement of how much oxygen is in the blood).

Indigo Airlines is yet to give an official statement regarding this issue.

However, according to the statement was released by Indigo to few news outlets, the concentrator was uploaded from the aircraft and was put on a baggage belt, a common practice by all airlines.

"As per the CCTV footage. The box was taken to the belt by another airline porter and got mixed up with the baggage of their passengers. These bags belonged to the players of the CSK IPL team who had arrived on a Vistara flight around the same time."

Indigo claimed that after jointly partnering up with other airport partners they managed to retrieve the baggage from the venue where the IPL team was staying in Delhi.

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