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Pitru Paksha 2021 Begins - 16 Day Homage Period to Deceased Ancestors by Hindus

Pity Paksha that started today will end on Mahalaya Amavasya. Hindus pay ritualistic homage to their ancestors during the period

Pitru Paksha 2021 Begins - 16 Day Homage Period to Deceased Ancestors by Hindus

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  21 Sep 2021 12:11 PM GMT

NEW DELHI: Religion is seeped in Indian culture. Hinduism is a religion that venerates various deities, nature, living being and deceased ancestors in different months of the year. Pitru Paksha 2021 date began on Ashwin Poornima and will end after 16 days in Mahalaya Amavasya - which marks the beginning of Navratri festival.

Pitru Paksha venerates deceased ancestors through various ritualistic offerings in the form of 'Shradh' which also represents repaying of debts that ancestors bestow on us through their blessings. It is believed that paying homage through 'Shradh' ritual in Pitru Paksha is an act of repaying the debts of deceased ancestors.
According to mythological episodes, three generations of the deceased are given ritualistic offering as it is the three generations that reside in Yamaraj's Pitrloka, the abode of the deceased souls.
The Pitru Paksha 2021 timings starts from 4:48 in the evening on 21 September. Auspicious timings for 'Shradh' ritual is from 11 am to 2:30 pm in afternoon. During the rituals 'Pinddaan' is also offered in the memory of deceased ancestors in river banks, temples and at homes.
Among the many glories of this auspicious period for ancestor veneration, according to Markandeya Puran, those who appropriate the ancestors during Pitru Paksha shall be blessed with health, wealth, long life and salvation on death.
Hindus avoid doing any activities like wedding, opening of new businesses, buying new property, clothes or jewellery as the period is considered inauspicious and should be dedicated only for paying homage to deceased ancestors.
Reciting and reading Bhagwat Gita and Srimad Bhagwat Puran is considered to have a positive effects on the lives of all beings during Pitru Paksha.

Pindas (cooked rice and barley flour balls mixed with ghee and black sesame seeds) is specifically used in the rituals. Food is also prepared which is offered to crows - considered as messenger of Lord Yama, the god of death. A cow and a dog is also fed alongside feeding the Brahmin who conducted the ritual.

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