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Robbers Promise To Return Loot After 6 Months, Takes Victims' Blessings Before Leaving

The robbers also handed Rs. 500 to the victims with the promise to return soon.

Robbers Promise To Return Loot After 6 Months, Takes Victims Blessings Before Leaving

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Ghaziabad: In a bizarre case of robbery, an elderly couple was looted by a group of robbers who promised to bring back the stolen money and jewellery after six months.

This incident took place in Uttar Pradesh's Ghaziabad. According to reports, an elderly couple was robbed by a group of people in their home with the help of weapons. However, to the surprise of the couple, the robbers apologised for their act and promised to return all their money and jewellery after 6 months. They also touched the feet of the elderly couple to seek their blessings before leaving.

Surendra Verma is an elderly businessman and lives with his wife Aruna Verma in Rajnagar, Ghaziabad. The couple also has 3 daughters living abroad.

According to the police, the robbers entered the home of the business at around 3:30 am while the couple was sleeping. The entered through the kothi by cutting the iron gates with a glass cutter and breaking the glass. Surendra Verma and his wife were taken hostage by the robbers. The couple claimed that one of the robbers carried a pistol while the others possessed knives. The couple was kept at gunpoint by two robbers while the other two searched the house. The robbers took Rs.1.5 lakh cash and jewellery that is worth about 4 lakhs from the cupboard which they broke.

Surprisingly, the robbers touched the couple's feet and apologised before leaving. They claimed that they had no choice but to commit such a crime. They further promised that they would bring back the money and jewellery after 6 months. They also handed Rs.500 to the couple promising to return soon.

The police was called later by the couple. However, no clues were found against the robbers. Investigations are still underway.

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