Tamil Nadu: 77-Year-Old Man Surprises Nation With Eight Post-Graduation Degrees

Ganesan's remarkable academic journey includes Master's degrees in Human Rights, Sociology and more.
Tamil Nadu: 77-Year-Old Man Surprises Nation With Eight Post-Graduation Degrees

THOOTHUKUDI: This is the story of 77-year-old Ganesan from Tamil Nadu's Thoothukudi district, an individual who stands as a testament to lifelong learning. With an astounding academic journey, Ganesan has achieved a remarkable feat, holding eight post-graduation degrees, each in a distinct field.

Ganesan's academic pursuits encompass a diverse array of subjects, including Master's degrees in Human Rights, Tamil, Sociology, Economics, History, Politics, Public Relations, and Management. At present, he is actively engaged in furthering his education by pursuing a master's degree in Criminology.

Reflecting on his educational odyssey, Ganesan shared his story. "I completed my matriculation in 1966. In 1973, I commenced working as a labourer at a factory in Thoothukudi and remained in that role until my retirement in 2004. Four years after my retirement, I contemplated a career in law. Consequently, I enrolled in a B.A. program in Sociology, successfully earning the degree in 2011," he stated.

Continuing his narrative, Tamil Nadu's Ganesan added, "Subsequently, I pursued an M.A. in Sociology. My aspiration was to become a lawyer, so I applied for law school. However, my application was rejected by the university due to my ineligibility resulting from not having completed my intermediate studies. In response, I endeavored to fulfill this prerequisite by enrolling in intermediate coursework and successfully achieving the qualification. Yet, my attempts to study law were persistently declined, citing various reasons."

Ganesan's academic journey demonstrates incredible determination and adaptability. He decided to explore different areas of study, embarking on M.A. programs in History, Politics, Public Relations, and Management. "I've obtained eight post-graduate degrees, including M.A. degrees in Human Rights, Social Work, Tamil, Economics, and am currently engrossed in the field of Criminology," he added, showcasing his unrelenting passion for learning and personal growth.

Ganesan's story serves as an inspiring example of the enduring pursuit of knowledge, proving that it's never too late to embrace education and broaden one's horizons.

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