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Tata Motors' car inside a Safety Bubble

Tata Motors have earlier come up with various safety measures for their buyers

Tata Motors car inside a Safety Bubble

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New Delhi: A new initiative by Tata Motors, as they will deliver new cars inside a safety bubble, which will be completely sanitised before giving it to the customer.

Various car manufacturers and dealers have taken up several measure to ensure safety to the customers while buying a vehicle. They have left no stone unturned to give the customers a safe, contactless experience.

However, Tata Motors have taken the safety measures to another level, as it has decided to deliver cars, which are completely sanitised inside a plastic wrap.

Tata Motors shared a few pictures of their newly designed Safety Bubble Wrap on their Twitter account.

Sharing the pictures of the cars inside the Bubble Wrap, Tata Motors said that the new cars are 'shielded from germs while they await you at our dealerships'.

Apart from santising the cars, Tata Motors have taken up other initiatives to ensure safety measure to its customers. In August, it launched a set of health and hygiene accessories for its buyers. These accessories are specially designed to provide car owners with the additional level of safety. The set consists of an air purifier, air filter and sanitisation kits. The air purifier provided by Tata Motors can easily be fitted into the cup holder slot of all the Tata cars.

The air filter can be easily installed in the Harrier and the Nexon. The sanitisation kit provided along with the safety set includes N95 masks, hand sanitiser, hand gloves, a tissue box and so on.

Earlier this year, Tata Motors also came up with its contactless buying programme, called the 'Click to Drive.' This was introduced to help the buyers buy cars using digital platform from home.

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