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‘Track Queen’ Hima Das calls herself a big time fan while responding to Anushka Sharma’s message

Hima Das


Hima Das, whom one dearly calls as the ‘Golden Girl, ‘Dhing Express, ‘Assam girl’, ‘Track Queen’ is the most trending name these days and why won’t she be! After all, with such amazing track records and Gold medals being clinched one after another on several international tracks, she truly deserves to be on the seventh heaven. However, not only for her phenomenal performances on the tracks but for her benevolent nature that she has been making news lately.

It is known to all, that people from all walks of life including the celebrities, politicians, top leaders of the nation and sports personalities had greeted the athlete for her recent achievements. However, what is even noticeable was the courtesy and amicable manner she opted to respond to the greetings conveyed to her on social media.

Anushka Sharma, the renowned Bollywood actor, producer and the wife of Indian national cricket team skipper Virat Kohli’s wife, had also taken to tweet her best wishes for Hima in the following words:

Anushka, in her tweet, had praised Hima terming her as the ‘Exemplary example of solid grit and determination’. She had also mentioned that Hima is a huge inspiration for young girls.

Pleased to find Anushka Sharma tweeting for Hima, the golden Girl could not resist but confess it to the Bollywood actor that she is a big fan of the actor. Hima posted “I am a big time fan of you.”

Well, the chain of appreciation for each other does not end here and Anushka Sharma took to reply Hima again with another appreciation that she too is a big-time fan of the Assam girl.

Hima Das, with several records being made and broken at this young age, has a long way to go and many more laurels to garner from her admirers and followers. Coming from a remote village in Assam and making a recognition on her own is something that everybody dreams about but very few succeed in achieving. Hima Das is an inspiration for the new generation in true sense.


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