Wondering How PM Modi Remains Energetic After Taking Frequent Foreign Trips? Here Is His 'Secret' Of Keeping His Jet Lag Away

PM Modi always makes sure that he remains fresh and energetic even after taking multiple foreign trips amid his busy schedule.
Source: Google

Source: Google

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently took a three-day trip to the United States where he held productive bilateral and multilateral engagements, attended the Quad summit and addressed the UN General Assembly. In all, the trip could be called a "successful and comprehensive" one.

In his stay in the United States for as long as 65-hours, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended 24 meetings which also included the four long meetings he attended in flight.

PM Modi has managed to remain fresh and energetic all throughout his meetings and trips. This is something that a normal person would find extremely tiresome and exhausting. However, our Prime Minister always seem to maintain high levels of energy even during such busy schedules. 

Narendra Modi has many times expressed his love and interest in yoga and has always encouraged the citizens of the country to live a healthy lifestyle. The Prime Minister is known for travelling across the world very often for official work. However, his secret to keeping away jet lags has always been a mystery.

According to some official sources, the Prime Minister's trips are packed with back-to-back engagements which leave no room to think about fatigue.

A source said, "When he used to visit the US in the 1990s, an airline at that time used to give a monthly travel pass at heavily discounted rates. To make the most of it, Modi would always travel in the night as this ensured that he could visit most places while not having to spend a penny on hotels. His night would be invariably spent at the airport and in the plane."

The body and sleep cycle of the Prime Minister is also tuned according to the time zone of the destination he is travelling to. 

Another key point is to remain hydrated by drinking lots of water as the air on the plane tends to suck out most of the moisture.

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