14 year old Goalpara footballer to train for Bangkok FC

Dudhnoi, Apr 25: For 14 year old Parash Boro football has been his life ever since he took up the sport at the age of 10. He sometimes wakes his father at 3 am, makes tea for the family and asks his father to start football walk along with him while he exercises and gets ready for practice.
For the precocious 14 year old life a huge opportunity of a lifetime came about after he has been invited to be part of training for selection to Bangkok FC in Thailand after a trail that took place in New Delhi. However his poor ground may just scuttle his dreams of a future in football as his family struggles to keep his dreams of even representing the country at some point of time.
“He has been crazy about football and his skill in the game has led to people from nearby districts and even Guwahati come to him to play for their club. He even played in the Goalpara U-14 district tournament with his skills being appreciated everywhere,” said Rameshwar Boro, the father of the teen. Boro is also a former Army man who retired in 1998.
The youngest of 3 children, Parash studies in St Peter’s National Academy in Dudhnoi and resides in Balasara locality of the town.
“After his performances in the local leagues, he was invited for a trial for the Delhi United FC between the months of Oct-Nov last year. It was at the end of January this year that the talent scout for the DUFC informed the family that the Bangkok FC wanted him for trials in Thailand for 3 months following which he could be a part of the Club,” said his father.
“It was a historic moment for our entire family but now that reality has crept in, we are worried that the expenses, which may run into lakhs, is not something we can afford on my pension. I have been running from pillar to post to help fulfill my son’s dream and hope people of the state and beyond can lend a helping hand,” he added.
The father currently is running from place to place to try and complete the visa application process as well as money to keep his son’s dream alive.
“I only want to be a footballer. That’s all I know and given the right training and exposure, I am confident of someday representing the country,” said the young talent.
Parash plays as a striker and is proud of the No 10 jersey that the Bangkok FC gave him even before he has joined their training program. He will be among a few in the country whose talent could go international in the coming years, if he does not miss the opportunity this time. His training is set to start at the end of next month.