1975 Emergency was black period for India: Modi

New Delhi, June 26: Calling the 1975 Emergency period a “black period for the country, Prime Minister rendra Modi on Sunday said he was “happy” that the people in India have always given priority to democracy. “I am happy that people in my country have always given importance to democracy. There was a day when voice of people was trampled over but now the people of India express their views on how the government is doing,” said Modi addressing the 21st edition of the monthly radio programme, ‘Mann ki Baat’. Stating that though people were enjoying complete democracy now, Modi said that there was a time in 1975, when the freedom of the people was curbed and 1,000 of political activists and student leaders were imprisoned without any reason. “Basic rights of the people were stched and the country was turned into a huge jail and all the prominent politicians, including Jai Prakash rayan, working for the people were put behind the bars,” Modi said. (IANS)