37 customers of Canara Bank branch in Kolkata allege fraudulent withdrawals

Canara Bank

Kolkata, Aug 1: Amid reports of fraudulent withdrawals from bank accounts in Kolkata, a Canara Bank official on Wednesday said they have identified 37 customers who are victims of such criminal acts. The official said the total amount involved in the fraud was more than Rs 9 lakh at a branch here but promised that the bank will refund the lost amounts of the affected customers within a week. “So far, 37 customers in our branch have complained of fraudulent withdrawals from their saving accounts. The total amount of fraudulent withdrawal is more than Rs 9 lakh,” the manager of Canara Bank’s Gariahat branch in South Kolkata said.

“We are updating the pass books of all our customers. We are taking written applications from those who have been victimised by the bank fraud. We are also asking them to fill up a bank insurance form. We take the responsibility of their savings in our banks. We ensure our customers get the amount they have lost within the next seven days,” the bank official said. Meanwhile, several customers in five other branches of Canara Bank in the city alleged that similar unauthorised transactions have happened in their accounts and lodged police complaints. (IANS)