Australian Open 2017-Greatest of all time

Grand slam

Greatest of all time

The recently concluded Australian Open 2017 has proved to be a graveyard for the seeds. The year’s first grand slam, considered to be the toughest amongst the four grand slams, has proved that age is just a number if one is determined to achieve glory. The newly crowned men’s and women’s singles champions Roger Federer and Sere Williams respectively defied their age to triumph in the hot and humid conditions of the championship for two gruelling weeks. Even runner’s-up in both the categories, Venus Williams and Rafael dal respectively, deserve accolades for putting up fantastic display of tennis, thereby sending ominous sigls to their younger rivals. The record makers Roger Federer and Sere Williams are truly the greatest of all time in their respective categories.

Dr Ashim Chowdhury,
Ambari, Guwahati-1.

Torture of Assam’s youths

Of late, shocking news about the death of some of our youths and students staying outside Assam has been disturbing us very much. Recently, a brilliant student from Hojai, studying in Bengaluru, was pushed to death from an upper storey of a hostel. Likewise, from Cheni too death was reported a few months back. Many youths from Assam are staying in different parts of the country; they had to leave home in search of greener pastures to earn their livelihood. Some of such youths are the sole bread earner of their family. Whenever we come across news about the death of such hapless young boys/girls, we are pained beyond measure. It is also a fact that some deaths remain unreported. Only recently, a labourer hailing from Sonitpur district was killed by some miscreants in Aruchal Pradesh. It is intriguing to note that Aruchal Pradesh is no longer a safe place where our labourers can work under a conducive atmosphere. Reports of few labourers’ death from time to time corroborate this fact.

One of the reasons among others, which one can attribute, is the disputed border with that state. So is the case with galand. We note that the crime rate against the students or other workers staying in Delhi has come down, thanks to stringent exertions of both the Central and Delhi governments.

Ashok Bordoloi,